Monday 25 April 2016

WTF weather?!

The weather has taken a horrible dip, dropped from 18°C Wednesday to 5°C o er the weekend with a real feel of -3°C with rain and hail for most of yesterday.

The horses are supposed to be going on 24/7 turnout on the 1st of May. As it is they didn't get out yesterday or today - hopefully the fact it's supposed to warm *cough*ahem*cough* up to between 7-13° for the rest of the week. But sadly it's still looking like rain, snow and lightning ... I mean seriously WTF weather?

This time last year they were already out

I had weaned the girls off their rugs but now I've been tempted to put them back on and toss them out...but figured temps climbing back to teens means they should be ok without their rugs. Perhaps Kika has had the right idea all along with not completely shedding her winter coat yet...she's a bit ragged looking tbh

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Dentist Day

The girls had their teeth done today which meant a fun day off work for me, definite perk/bonus to having carried so many days over from last year!

Thankfully there was minimal work required, both girls just had some sharper outside edges both top & bottom. Just to be safe though they were both given a little juice to take the edge off. So of course I took pictures of them in their weakened state to share online...what they don't know won't hurt them. Or at least I hope not lolz.

TG for my vet, she thinks it wasn't as long ago as i thought it was since they had their teeth done and she actually reminded me of a visit I'd forgotten about. Bless her, she has so many clients and thankfully I don't see her very often (long may it continue...healthy horses = happy owner); so the fact she remembered gave me some warm fuzzies.

Juiced Kika - one way to stop her pawing
 for attention I guess

Not quite David after Dentist - but they kept me entertained nonetheless.

Sunday 17 April 2016

Selfie Sunday

Rookie selfie'er here so please forgive the head on me *blush*

I need longer arms to fit all of Nancy's awesome into a selfie!

We haven't been up to much recently, they had a couple days off last weekend after their annual vaccines Friday week. PL has been away on holidays and work kept me late'ish a couple of nights last week so I didn't manage to climb back aboard till yesterday. Nancy & I took a strong spin around an arena, where she had a lot of fun wanting to go go go - but always in her sweet Nancy way. She just makes me laugh with her "naughtyness" ☺

The three of us went for a lovely stroll in the woods today, photos of that to follow tomorrow - hopefully. So long as i don't fall off the blogosphere again *sigh*

Friday 8 April 2016

Guerilla Grazing 2016

The countdown to 24/7 turnout is on in earnest now. T-22days officially, but if grass growth and weather are good here's hoping they can get out a little earlier again this year!

This obviously means starting on a progressively extending process of handgrazing in the evenings (mostly) and mornings & middays if i have time and/or its the weekend. They got about 15minutes this evening to start them off and I'll try to double it tomorrow, maybe even sneakily handgraze them twice once on the way out to the field and once on the way back in to spend some time bonding with them. There will be no saddle time this weekend as they got their annual vaccines today so will benefit from a couple easy days.

The photos accompanying this post made me giggle as they Lady & the Tramp'ed toward one another...closer & closer Lawlz

And finally for comparison a side by side of how Kika is hoarding her hair while Nancy has wonderfully shed almost all her winter wollies.