Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fiesty Red-Head!

Following on from our lessons last week, she was a good girl in our flat lesson on thursday even though i couldn't make myself relax for fear that she'd act the maggot like she had the previous day. So of course she had to prove me wrong and didn't put a foot out of place! Friday and Sunday she worked beautifully for me (sat was her day off), best we've managed since arriving. We worked on what we'd been working on in the flat lesson, which was circling and striking off in canter when asked without rushing or running on. I even managed to relax and i felt really positive about those two days. :)
Monday and Tuesday she started doing a funny thing when we were circling in that she'd bend her neck correctly in the direction we were circling, but then cock her head in the other direction! *rollseyes*
It made me really uncofortable as i doubt it was comfortable for her, I've been meaning to get her teeth checked and had her down for the dentist but he cancelled, :(, so i must find another one, sooner rather than later!
So i tried to work on that on Tuesday by slipping her the reins and encouraging her to stretch out, it worked a bit but then i could feel her thinking about it again and start the head cocking, she's too clever for her own good i reckon!
I felt ill yesterday (Wednesday) so asked the jumping instructor if he would mind riding her last night (part of the service apparently, costs the same as my lesson which was too late to cancel and i would've had to pay for in any case so worked out alright). She had him off shortly after they staretd trotting she tried one of her spins, she sometimes gets confused and thinks she's a quarter horse/ballerina. I wasn't watching what she did, but out of teh corner of my eye i saw her spin and he landed on his feet. After the lesson, i apologised to him and he smilled wryly and said she didn't have him off that he elected to leave the saddle. I'll leave that one there seeing as i didn't actually see what she did.
The rest of the lesson was entertaining to watch from the sidelines! She is a very opinionated young lady,  she determendly fights the fiesty red-head's corner! She did what she was asked, but fought every step of the way, including a cheeky duck out between fences the first time she was asked to go through the double. It was 20mins into their 30minute session that she finally settled for him, although she hadn't been jumping badly for him... they were having a bit of a power struggle (which believe me i recognise, ;-) ) in that she wanted to attack the fences faster than was good for her and her jockey.
When he finished he said she was a good horse, she has a good canter and a nice big flowing stride, and a very capable jumper, but he knew this from the three lessons we'd had previously - he has always said the fences weren't her problem jumping was easy for her it's getting her to concentrate and listen to you is where the pwoer struggle comes in. He has said with more lessons we can continue her education and that in 6 months time she'll be a different horse. I have said all along that i'm more than happy to take all the time necessary to get it right as I don't want to mess her up.
Afterwards  did overhear him telling another livery that she is a "Gutt Paerd", meaning good horse so that made my heart swell a little. Now if only i can work on my issues and help her out we might one day make a good team!

There will be no flat lesson this evening as i am still feeling a little under the weather (although a lot better than yesterday so yay!) I won't be riding this evening as it's not fair on her if i cannot give her 100%. I am hopeful to ride her tomorrow before i head off to NYC for the week. Poor Kika won't know what's hit her while I'm away, she's going into Pony-Bootcamp with the flat instructor for the week and will be ridden by the jumping teacher again on wednesday. I'll then be playing catch up when i get back, but methinks thi sis a good option as it's not going to do either of us any good to try and learn certain things together. It'll be better if someone more experienced can teach her and then i can learn from her and with the teacher teaching em also. Plus after more time in her saddle the teachers will get a better feel for her and will be better equipped to teach us as a team...Or that is teh plan in any case!

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