Wednesday 4 May 2011

"Professional" Photos

Will add these to the blog later incase anyone doesn't read it here so that they are not missing out, but figured i'd reward those that do check out this thread by not making them click on to another link, ;)
My good friend (L) who has been such a great help with getting K back on track after our wobbles earlier in the year had a friend of her's (Ka) come to snap some pics of her mare on her first outing in the field. As it happens L's mare is in the neighbouring field to Kika's so her friend kindly snapped some shots of her frolicking on saturday.
These shots are much better quality than my camera phone, teehee! I can't get over the colours!

The Chunky Monkey: (made me cringe when i seen her bulging out the side! Will have to get to work to trim her back down now over the summe!)

Playing follow the leader with D (Hafflinger)


And then a close up of the last one

The few bucks that were thrown were missed, but all in all they were very sedate for their first day out.
No harm really, means they *hopefully* won't have made a mess of the field and should have plenty grass for the summer ahead! Last night was Kika's last night in the stable, not sure if she realises this yet, but as from today she is staying out in the field!
Was slightly worrying about how she'd take this news as saturday, sunday and monday she was hanging out near the gate when i'd wander up there and stamp her foot in an "I want to go in" kind of way, but last night she was happy out grazing away and almost reluctantly came over to me when i went to collect her for our spin - which after about 25mins of not quite listening we got a good 10minutes of super work which had me smiling all night and still has me merry today!
Apologies for the pic overload!
The first two and the third from last are my favs!

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