Thursday 13 October 2011

No real news but an update all the same!

Still haven't managed to sit on my ponio since monday week, I did loose lunge the Hairy One for the first time since before her injury (back in May! ) on Tuesday evening and she was good as gold - lazy out but thankfully no mad taking off and crazy buck/farting shenanigans she can be prone to.
I had great plans to ride last night, but vet called to say she would swing by to give her the first of her Sarkoid (dunno if spelling the same in english) injections - she'll get a total of four over the next few months for the warts i found a few months back...thankfully those that were treated in June/July haven't looked like growing back and the one that we couldn't get rid of due to positioning on her hind leg hasn't grown any more - hopefully these are good signs!
L reported back that all went really well with her over the weekend while i was away, she rode her Friday in the outdoor, Saturday in one of the indoors with two others and then on Sunday she hacked out the woods with her while her dad took her mare O. She was very happy with her and said that after a little cooersion/convincing that Kika led most of the way,

I probably won't make it to the barn myself this evening and if i do i won't be able to do anything with her as will probably still be in office clothes, have an art/photography exhibition by the wife of one of the Judges to go to to show face and play nice. Plus my parents have some of her painitings and photographs at home, they are nice - i am actually looking forward to it.
It deffo doesn't help that the weather is after taking a turn for the minging and is dreary, grey and rainy most of the time so ould Fuzzy-bum will have to return to the walker to dry off before i'll be able to de-muckyfy her to tack up and do some work which will result in major sweating due to aforementioned hairiness and further walker time to dry her off afterwards as i don't want to put her back out into the field sweaty! Scared mammy here, thinking she'll catch ponio pneumonia!
Also sucks that it is now dark at 7.20pm in Lux!
Boo Hiss, I miss Spring already!

Right once, more shall have to cut off my waffling there!
I really don't know how i find so much to say considering we haven't actually done anything! Perhaps i use too many words....who knows?!

I'll try to think of snapping some shots of the Hairy One if i cna get her dry before riding her tomorrow or over the weekend!

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