Monday 9 January 2012

Lesson videos

As promised yesterday here are the two mini-videos made by L when she was helping me yesterday - again sorry about the sound. I still have not figured out how to (a) record without it and/or (b) uploade the video without it!

First one is slightly longer

Second one considerably shorter

Gosh i didn't realise that i fidgeted so much in the saddle, these videos highlight me need to be quieter with my hands and feet, drop my heels more and bend my elbows - Yeesh! Glad i asked L to make these, plenty more work to be done on myself as well as ponio. Am sure that if i can control myself better she'll improve without the fidgeting beast atop her!
I also need to increase the tempo of her trot, she's not really working in those vids. Although L did say that towards the end she did start to use herself better - as the song says she "put her @$$ into it" have to try to remember (a) what i did and (b) the feel of it - which is one of my main problems; my sense of feel is off! I am woeful bad at recognising if i am on the right leg in trot and canter - shame on me i know, but again i know it is a problem and can now work to rectify it. Doesn't help that Kika is a cheeky beastie and counter canters without too much difficulty - pity it's never what i'm after and i can't tell she's wrong due to her being smooth! Deceptive creature - but armed with my tips from yesterday at least from now on i will hopefully be asking her correctly and helping her more than hindering her.

Haven't managed to upload the Pas de Deux yet as between phone and wifi at home; uploading was slow on these two short videos so can only imagine that a 7 minute contribution will take some time...wich i did not have this morning before work ;-)

As always constructive criticism or tips as i prefer to put a positive shine on them alwasy welcome! :)
Outside eyes are better at seeing things that i miss/don't feel when in the saddle!


  1. I think you could post slower in the video to match her trot and really work her in collected, regular, and extended trots. She looks good though and you don't look that bad in the videos. (Isn't funny how pictures usually look WORSE than video? thats what I'm starting to find out.. lol)

    In response to your question on my blog, I get my quotes from a myriad of places, design blogs, books on horses and not on horses, movies, etc :) I'm always writing down words and phrases I like, I have notebooks full of the damn stuff lol

  2. Gotta agree with L there, you're rising faster than K is trotting, and you keep going from the correct leg to the wrong leg and back again.
    Other than that you both look fine! Everyone waggles their feet and hands when they're riding!!

  3. I do struggle with keeping the correct lead - shall endeavour to do better, :)
    Will also attempt to slow my rising in trot.
    Thank you both for the tips and taking the time to read and review my blog & videos! :D
    All advice always much appreciated!

  4. I remember being taught to say Mon-day, Tues-day, Wednes-day, Thurs-day, Fri-day, Satur-day, Sun-day when I was learning to do rising trot. You sit on the "day" and rise to the other half of the word. If you see what I mean!


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