Thursday 10 May 2012

Move-aversary & Bath Time!

Two years ago yesterday Kika arrived in Luxembourg - quite the worse for wear for her travelling. The photos still upset me greatly, so i don't feel like doing a before and after this year...I may have done last year so feel free to go back into the archive if you wish...but be warned they make me look like a bad owner! :(

On happier news today was a gorgeous scorching day - still 27C when i was heading to the yard after was a heavy heat, the kind you get before a thunder storm breaks. With Kika not having been ridden in over a week and a half and not lunged since monday week...she had two days rest after the osteo came to see her two days ago and recomended two days rest.
There was nothing really wrong with her she just wasn't 100% on the lunge and was having difficulty cantering under saddle. Osteo said she had a block in her chest and had managed to contort the first bone in her tail and her last lumber join...she couldn't fathom how she'd managed to manoeuver them so...but sorted her out and said she'll be right as rain again in no time.

I had had great intentions of riding Kika this evening, till i got to the yard and was sweltering - outdoor is all set up for a competition this weekend (photo to follow) so I didn't fancy my return to the saddle out there and new the indoors would be stifling - so i settled on lungeing Kika who was also pretty un-motivated by the heat.

Outdoor under prepartion for weekend's Dressage Competitions
Despite the lack of motivation the heat did conspire to make her pretty i took advantage of the long evening and glorious sunshine to give Kika her first bath of 2012!
I forgot to snap shots as the washing was underway...but here are some after shots as she dried a bit more following our stroll and her intro (in a headcollar) to the scary fancified outdoor above.

Something caught her attention away fom me obviously!
So being the photo lover I am...had to swap sides while she was posing.
Headshot I
Headshot II - Full Frontal lol

Plan is to make my return to the saddle tomorrow after being lazy last week to allow her to enjoy the new found freedom of outdoor 24/7 field existence and allow for osteo's visit and recovery time without my exasperating the situation prior to her visit with my sucky riding.
Saturday and Sunday she will more than likely stay in the field and out of trouble with all the fancy dressage riders descending on our yard for the competitions - 2 days. Shall try to remember to take photos/videos if anyone is interested?
Depending on my mood in the evenings and the business of the yard i may try to squeeze in a few spins...although in previous years the competitions have gone on late on the Saturday night as a Jur (dressage to music) is performed under the stars - I missed it last year, but do not intend to miss out this year!

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