Friday 1 June 2012

Picture Time

As Kika and her new fieldmate C loitered at the gate this evening I figured I'd take full advantage of some priceless photo always these were taken with my trusty phone and so quality may leave a bit to be desired!

C (newest addition to the field) & Kika
C - 6yr old coming back from injury, she's a real sweetheart
K looking a bit like a pony
Headshot close up of mischivious eye...
Which leads to this...
and this ;-)
To put these into context, that is the height of the wire she was managing to shimmy out under a few months back...admittedly these was no current going through it then. There is now!

And lastly my two fav pics of tonight

For those not interested in waffle, stop reading now!

I rode last night and this evening, mixed saddle yesterday and dressage saddle today. Both days went really well and our canter was considerably better than it had been on Tuesday. L (The Guru) popped by as i we managed our best left rein canter in ages...thankfuly she was there to catch it as I was invariably unable to repeat it again and may not manage to get everything right again for a while, teehee.
Input from eyes on the ground as to my issues with canter is that I am "crisping" making it difficult to go with the movement and that I need to relax more - easier said than done! But I will work on it and do my best to switch off the brain and just go with the flow if you will!
I am so proud of how Kika is doing, I have known all along that the canter issues are my doing - but her general work ethic cannot be faulted - she is such a pleasure when she gets turn out. Crossing my fingers that we will get the use of the piece of land ('wooded' area in the background of above photos) again next winter.

If we manage to be there at the same time tomorrow, L has offered to give me a lesson which will be great as I haven't had one for a while and sure while the going is good best get one in before we "need" one in case we were to hit another rough patch!
As always I can't promise any ridden photos unless one of the parents volunteer to come along for a looksee...Might suggest it to them as i can usually tell more about where I am going wrong/improving from photos then small glimpses in the arena mirror when riding - although that is mostly because i forget to look as typically am concentrating on what we're going to do next!

Right I think that's it from me today - thankfully considerably shorter then usual...I think!

Have a great weekend to anyone who reads!

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