Saturday 29 December 2012

Unwrapping Christmas!

As readers may be aware I am a fan of purple, something family members & friends have not failed to notice! ;-)
Hence the purple overload in the pony presents this year!
I got a lovely two part lunge whip which is just what i was looking for from my sister, and as you can see it is purple so I shouldn't loose it!
The saddle pad & headcollar were gifts from the Guru for Nancy, so that she can be purplified too!  I also got some lovely knee high riding socks from my S2S Secret Santa & a lovely purple fuzzy neck warmer.
I am now all kitted out in purple!

We had a bit of a visitor in the garden on Christmas day...

In Kika news - well I don;t have much to report really. Blacksmith was due to call last night but rang to say he had to reschedule to Wednesday - so no further info on that just yet. She has become more lively in our walks.
I try to get her out twice a day and have stepped it up from 10mins a walk to 20 to 30 minutes just to get her out of the stable and blow out the cobwebs - which she has taken to doing by jumping and snorting like  a muppet when walking outside and a gust of winds stirs - silly sod. So that in itself I am taking as positives as she is back to her quirky ways, ;)
I tend to walk around the yards during the day to get out in the fresh air and then walk in an arena in the evenings - last night I had the Guru on hand so decided to give Kika a trot in hand to see how she was moving on the sand. Cue Missy taking liberties and doing a bit of jumping and messing about.
L said from what she could see she seemed to be moving alright, so we're going to pop Miss Kika on the lunge this evening to see if we can get a better indication of how she is moving.
Fingers crossed!

Kika showing off her extra white legs with the Ice Clay to keep them cool

Now for some Nancy news!
I've had word from the transporter and they are hopeful of having a load come in this direction towards the end of the first week in January. So again, please keep your fingers crossed that Nancy may be with us as soon as next week!


  1. Exciting. Hope nancy has an uneventful journey to her new home!

  2. Hope Kika is doing better tonight when you put her on the line!!

    Oh exciting about Nancy!

  3. Kika wasn't great last night when lunging, better on one side then the other but not enough for me to clamber on board, despite my really wanting to!
    Going to have another spin on the lunge today, with another set of eyes on the ground with me - am never sure if I'm just being an over-protective nervous ninny so tend to need some to corroborate or disagree with my findings, :p


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