Wednesday 27 March 2013

Equitana I - Daytime

As mentioned in my previous post I spent 2 days/1 night in Essen in Germany at the mahoosive Equine trade fair that is Equitana! This was my first year going and man was i blown away - the amount of trade stands was crazy! 12 Halls in a huge expo center, boy was I glad we had the two days to mosy around!

I was very well behaved on the spending front as, although that had more to do with the fact that I didn't have the pennies to spare than a reflection on the goods on offer. The girls I went with were much better spenders than I was, ;-)

 Kika's new bit

I picked up the bit i wanted for Kika & a pair of reins for Nancy...last of the big spenders I am!
Although I was exceedingly good on not buying equine things for the sake of it - I did still end up spending more money than expected due to shepherding/ enclosed/ trapped situation that was being in the halls and limited in where you could get drinks/food!
Those prices were the cripplers and where most of my money was spent! :(

On to the photos now with less words from me I hope!
Phew - I hear readers sigh, can't say I blame you as my posts do tend to be waffly! I must apologise for my previous post, I didn't realise how long it was until after I hit poot! Woopsy!

Each hall had at least one arena/display area which hilighted different breeds/disciplines & were often educational...or so I gather. It was all in German and I couldn't understand everything! *blush*
I should probably start back at classes! :p

Bones & muscles painted onto horse for display on physiology

Lovely Friesian
Fluffy mini-shetlands!

Western display

Iberian horses - Baroque Cup Class
His outfit was class - attention to detail & commitment to character included boots!!
Highlighting the versatility of the Friesan breed:


Then came the Icelandics:

And finally for this post some heavy horses - looking all spiffy.

Next post will have photos & mini-videos of the Show which was on Saturday night showcasing wonderful horsemanship & equine/human relationships!

PS: Apologies for fuzzyness of some of the photos - you wouldn't believe how cold it was in that arena - that and I was again getting used to having my camera phone back again - sorry quality isn't better! :/


  1. Good job on the spending limit! I love the pictures too, especially the muscle horse one. Those never get old to me, it's just cool to see how everything interacts in real time.

    1. Spending limit was enforced by powers beyond my control, lol - aka: not having the money to spend forcing my hand. ;-)
      But I am still proud of me for keeping my head and not buying stuff I didn't need but may have wanted!

      Really enjoyed those demos - only wish i could've understood them better...maybe in two years time I'll have been a good girl, gone back to my German classes and be better able to understand!

  2. Very cool and I agree the crippling thing about conferences and trade shows is the price of food!

    1. That was the most sickening thing - if not for the need to eat & drink I could have gotten more horsey trinkets ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Aren't they just the cutest things!
      If you do get one, we NEED photos! :p


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