Tuesday 30 April 2013

Field Farewell

I was in Ireland from Wednesday 24/4/2013 till yesterday evening (29/4/2013) so have no newses to report on the girls other then they were good for the Guru in my absence and I saw them both last night and again at lunch time today and they are both in good form and actually happy to see me - i think.
Whickering counts as joy at seeing you right ... and not just that I am associated with turnout/feeding time! LOL!
Me loves you!

As the title of this post suggests today is the last time the girls will be in our winter turnout for 2013. As of tomorrow the three ladies officially get turned out until November 1st when they'll make their return to this winter safe haven.

O being cute - and LOOK finally some green to be seen!
The girls will be on limited turnout at first, a couple of hours tomorrow. We're thinking 11-15/16 o'clock - long enough for some photos in the am of happy-head-horseys then a lazy owner lunch at Pizza Hut on the corner, hopefully Kika won't join us there...And then back to the yard for perhaps some jumpy-jumping all going well! :D
Yay for May Day (1st of May - Journée du Travail) day off work!
For the rest of the week turnout they'll go out about 10-11am. The Guru has Thursday & Friday off work so no mad dash to the yard or stupid o'clock turnout for the girls on my part - 7am for turnout before breakfast is just mean or so they'd have you believe! The plan is to leave them out overnight as off Saturday, all going well with the other addition to the field...we'll have to see what Lady Kika makes of that, although she was turned out with this pony mare 2summers ago and O is used to going out with her so we'll have to wait and see where Nancy fits and what kind of pecking order will be established! Ah the joys of turnout & horse's hoping there'll be no need for vets on speed dial!

I could have turned Kika out with O & N this afternoon, but I decided to be selfish as I know if I'd turned her out I'd probably be a lazy ass and not ride this evening...and I REALLY want a spin!


  1. Replies
    1. Wait till you see the mountain of photos I snapped yesterday - blog update to follow once I get all the snaps onto photobucket. Too many to post them all on the blog! LOL!

  2. Woo turnout! Those dapples are beeeeeeeautiful.

    1. I know, everyone had a ball yesterday!
      The dapples look even better when snapped on a better quality camera - some day I might actually learn to use it properly LOL!

  3. YAY Dapples, YAY Green Grass!

    1. Photo dump to follow when I get all pics on phoobucket - be warned there are close to 500 of them!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, she really is looking a picture - long may it last!

  5. Hurray for summer turn out and green grass :)
    The girls are looking beautiful !

    1. Thanks you K, loads more photos from yest to update with at some stage today


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