Saturday 13 April 2013

No News

No real news to report on the girls as we've had a pretty quiet week what with osteo visit on monday evening (LINK) which resulted in two days rest for Nancy and then the farrier came out on Thursday evening meaning new front shoes (well he actually put back on the ones she'd had on as they weren't too badly worn which is good news) for Miss Kika and a trim for Nancy.
All is well with her feet being barefoot & she was actually slightly less flat-footed which was great to hear; and we're going to keep a close eye on her over the summer months as we'll be doing a lot more hacking in the woods so we'll have to make sure she doesn't wear down her hooves too much.
I will of course pop shoes back on her if needs be -  I am not a monster, I will do what's best for my horses!

I couldn't deny this monster head anything - look at the he-uge ears! 
Nancy has had the quieter week of the two and two days back to back in the turnout area as her treat for going un-worked after the osteo...what a reward right?!
No work & more play-time!
Tuesday evening I ended up going to see Quartet in the cinema with my mother, which I loved...Think The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel but based around a gorgeous house in the UK for retired classical musicians & singers - it was a good laugh! Nice easy viewing for a wet spring evening.
The Guru very kindly brought the girls in and popped Miss Kika on the walker for me.

Loving her dappled summer coat - wonder how light it'll go and if she'll bleach if we get sunshine?
Wednesday I had made loose plans to jump Kika with the Guru's help, but as my work week felt like it should already be Friday I opted out of jumping for fear of falling off through tiredness and rode flat work in the main arena instead. For a horse that hadn't been sat on since Sunday she was a dream, and in fact had Thursday evening off work as well for farriers visit before being an absolute angel again when i had a sneaky quick spin during my lunch break on Friday - what a fab way to recharge the batteries!

Weather has taken a step towards spring this week and temps have come up above 10C during the day and not dropping much below at night...and we have been getting RAIN! I never thought I'd be so happy to see rain, but with the extended winter we've had this year (I mean seriously 5 months of ice, snow & COLD is wayyyyyy too long for me!) thee has been absolutely no opportunity for the grass to grow.
I was beginning to worry as the girls are supposed to be going out 24/7 from May 1st to October 31st - they prefer being outside & my bank balance prefers it too! *teehee*

Being the big mean owner that I am I made the executive decision to leave Kika naked as of Wednesday - figured it was time t rip off the band-aid and see how she coped. Her stable is in a sheltered corner and while the horse across the aisle has a window, her box is pretty cozy - plus if she was cold I figured she might stop making such a mess of her straw and lie in it to stay warm, making her stable easier to clean! ;-)
Nancy hasn't worn a rug when stabled as she wasn't clipped and I only popped the turnout on her when it was very cold, snowing or wet - she has a completely different coat to Kika at the moment so it will be interesting to see if it stays that way for her first full winter in Lux next year or if she'll come more in line with the fluff-monster that is Kika during winter.

Windswept on her first day out in the nip.

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I'll use an online randomizer & announce the winner on Monday - best of luck to all & thanks for reading!


  1. Love all the pictures. N's ears are rather large huh? Very adorable though!

    1. Her whole head is rather large, but as she isn't finished growing I'm hoping she'll grow into it, hahaha!
      It's not so bad when you look at her head on, but when you stand alongside her at look at it from another angle it is mahoosive - but i loves her!

  2. Oh man look at Nancy's cute face!!!

  3. I don't think anyone would say you are a monster~! You are like the sweetest person I know lol

  4. Oh looove the dappled coat!! I'm so jealous, that's one of my favorite color combos!

    And sometimes the horses I've ridden are actually better after a week off. Maybe they just need some winding-down time just like humans every now and then!

    1. I'm loving her dapples too, they're almost like leopard spots - it's so cute!

      She wasn't magically better after her week off, but she was no worse either - so all's well that ends well! :D

  5. She's probably happy naked outside :) And you're not a monster, you do great for your babies!

    1. Aw thanks Lauren, I do try to do my best by them!
      She'll be happy from now on if the weather stays as it has been for the weekend. She has no choice though as unless it snows again she wont be getting her rugs back this year - they'll be going out full time for the next 6months as of May no more molly coddling for her from me!


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