Monday 15 July 2013

Promised Polo Photos

Gosh I am really late with these - sorry guys!
Last week got away from me as work is in high-drive before the Judges head off on their holidays at the end of this week...
This post will be photos taken the Sunday before last (7.7.2013) at the Polo tournament my mother & I went to check out - there was a cool parade of "Old Timer" cars, although before realising it cars cars I joke with my mother that we'd enter her in it! ROFL!
I snapped a few pics of the cars as well as the impressive polo ponies in action!

All photos taken on phone (so not great quality - sorry!) as we sat in the grass sipping on a lovely strawberry sirop & water mixture - it was deliciously refreshing!

Match 1 - Luxembourg team in Brown & Orange

Like Pretty Woman between Chukka's

Start of the "Old Timer's" display of vintage cars - 'up-close' pics of cars to follow as they passed closer to us

Photo doesn't do this car justice - it was huge. Like a small plane!

I've a later picture of the inside of this one - it is something else!

 Match 2 - Luxembourg in the Orange - 3 of the riders on this team were local with the professional being from Germany
One of the directors from the company my mother works for is in the red helmet on the chestnut with his 17 year old daughter on the darker horse (also in a red helmet) - they were amazing!


How frickin cute is this horse?!

Old school air conditioning/sun-roof perhaps?! ;-)

Inside of earlier mentioned car!


  1. Love the interior of that car, lol! That's just too much!

    1. It really strikes em as something from the 80s or something - also loved the umbrella shading the car - i thought that was beyond awesome.
      the Polo itself was wicked, I've never seen it "live" before...I've only ever seen snapshots of the British Royals on the news or that scene from Pretty Woman...will deff be going to check out more tournaments if there are more on in this neck of the woods. I could get used to dipping my toe into that after having been in Argentina last year it is on my bucket list to go back and spend a week on a Ranch learning the ropes. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks it was good fun, weather was fab so that made it even better.
      Hope to go again when there is next another polo event, it's fascinating!

  3. Yay for Polo! Used to exercise Polo ponies on the regular :-)

    1. They are such dingers - they must be incredibly well mannered if wired to the moon. Bless them!

  4. That would be the perfect event for my hubby and I, he loves cars, especially vintage, and I love horses, we'd both be entertained!


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