Friday 4 October 2013

New Nancy Photos

The friend who kindly snapped photos of Kika and I last week was able to spare a few moments to snap a couple shots of Nancy and I warming up in walk this evening.
I snapped a photo or two pre- & post-plaitting of her mane as its after getting so long - I love it!

Right no more chat from me as am on my phone and blogspot can be tricky to navigate & post pics without a pc/laptop, but I have to share these photos as I finally have some of myself and N under saddle.


Good girl pat

Giving her shadow the hairy eyeball

I love my poneh

Apologies for the photo quality, as ways all were taken on my camera phone. Nancy & i again mostly worked in walk and trot in the biggest & spookiest arena for the baby horse. I ride Nancy with my stirrups two holes longer then when i ride Kika in the same saddle. Apparently my legs swing forward and i end up looking like i am sitting in an armchair = not good!

Kika came back safe and sound from her couple of days bootcamp with the Guru in France, they are both ready to rock their lessons with the external rainer this weekweet. L said that Kika had been very good, loaded up like an angel for her when she was by herself Tuesday morning and behaved really well in her new spooky surroundings with pigeons out to try and upset her composure while away from home.

I sadly won't have much, if any internet access while i am in Ireland. I will however try to be a good girl and keep up with L Williams from Viva Carlos' sit-up blog challenge. I was unable to attempt 2-point or timing myself this evening for a baseline, so that challenge will be for another year. If i can complete the sit-up challenge, i will be very happy with my unfit self. I missed day 1 on Oct 1st, but i did do 25 sit-ups last night before bed and 50 this morning before work. Going to attempt to do another 50 this evening and hope to eventually catch up on those i missed day one - the better i am at sticking to doing them the easier they will be...right?!

My sincere apologies if bits of this blog post are more incoherent than usual, playing with blogger on my phone is a challenge. I really hope this post works and isn't all over the shop format-wise as i'll cry if i have to do it again!


  1. I figured since I am starting 2 days late for the sit-up challenge, i will just go 2 extra days, so you can just join me :) Hope your trip goes well?

    1. That's a great idea, I think I will KK! :D

  2. You know either way its just about getting it all together and just doing something, 25 or 50 is still more then you would have done otherwise :) And I'm going to post it but, some people might not have time to get a Baseline until next week and that's fine its just whatever the first time is that is the baseline, and the last one in is the final.

    1. You are so right, I wouldn't even be doing it if not for the challenge. ;-)
      But I do enjoy it & would love a 6 pack *sniggers*, so may have to continue beyond end of Oct deadline. :p

  3. Love the photos! I can see why you loooove Nancy so much. And your running plait is excellent, mine never looked that neat.
    Speaking of which, I am going to have to do some hedge-trimming - I mean mane pulling, both of the boys are looking shaggy!

    1. Aw thanks sweetie, her mane is lovely & thick so easy to plait. Plus as a little horseless kid I used to love braiding people's hair to practice my plaitting skills for *when* I would have my own horse.
      Kika got a hedge trim this weekend! *evil-grin*

  4. Great photos. I love the braid. Reminds me of my Arab because he had a long mane like that and it was so easy to braid him.


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