Thursday 27 February 2014

Thursday Titters

My sister sent me this so I had to share, as I knew you guys would geddit ;-)

Not my image, but don't have a link for it - no copyright infringement meant

This is going to be a bit of a humorous post as I meant to post this list when I shared the Wordless Wednesday Ireland photos.

Remember this list when someone asks "Are you Irish?"
You know you're Irish if...
~ The person that you insult most is probably your best friend
~ During your youth much of your food was boiled
~ You're strangely poetic after a few beers
~ You don't know the words but that doesn't stop you from singing
~ You can't wait for the other guy to stop talking so you can start talking
~ You have no idea how to make a long story short (Totally applies to me & this blog!)
~ Tea is the solution to every problem
~ And holy water is the solution to every injury
~ Saying 'I will yea' means that you definitely won't
~ 'For the craic' is the best reason for doing anything
~ Nobody can go a day without saying 'Jaysus'
~ You have a gift for swearing
~ You can insert the name of a gardening tool into any sentence and it still makes sense, e.g. 'I had a rake of drink last night' or "I'll be out in a minute, I'm just shoveling down the dinner'
~ It's perfectly acceptable to call your mother 'mammy' even though you are a fully grown adult
~ Saying 'Now we're sucking diesel' means that you are happy with the outcome of the situation
~ Drinking 'tae' is everyone's favourite past time
~ You're scared of the wooden spoon
~ The word 'like' goes in every sentence
~ You can say "Any craic' to a policeman and you won't get arrested

I also came across this link to a Ryan Gosling Equestrian Meme...I haven't had a chance to scroll through it properly yet; and you guys have prob already seen this as you're much better techies than me ;-)

I am hoping to share a Friday Flashback tomorrow as I missed last week, not sure how well that feature is received...
As for actual horsey news, well the girls have had two lovely sunny spring days in the turnout and may get another day off this evening as I found out that one of the cinemas here is showing a live transmission of War Horse from London...if it has subtitles (really hope so) the Guru & I will go, if not sadly probably not- although not that sadly as if I don't go to cinema/theater I will ride, so not that big of a loss at all! :D
Not my image


  1. Replies
    1. I probably should have added a disclaimer to that ;-)
      Craic (pronounced crack) is having fun, or if someone asks you "any craic?" it's like saying "whats up"?

    2. We need an Irish dictionary! And I just saw this and it made me think of you and your list.

    3. Haha love it, I can translate where necessary ;-)
      Lemme know where communication breaks down

  2. These were funny! I totally want to visit Ireland and most of Europe someday!!

    1. Be sure to drop me a line if/& when you do. We can try to do an international blog meet up :-D


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