Saturday 8 March 2014

Saturday Stills & Some More Riders Remorse

Love Nancy's gentle eye in this
Another word light post from me as I still haven't had any saddle time after my lopsided lent resolution, I just spent three hours visiting with a friend in hospital after her operation during the week.

Kika lazily scoffing as she's top of the pecking order
Tomorrow will be the day, I can feel it. *nod*
The weather is good and I will get saddle time as no distractions on Sundays with everything is closed ;-)

Shadow puppet of myself & O as I take her to join my two in the turnout

I did get to spend time fawning over the girls as I turned them out, filled the haynets & lugged the 80L capacity wondervention (new word alert peeps = wonderful invention) that is H2Go and snapped the photos I am sharing in this post and on instagram.

H2Go in use & the girls checking it out
Sunshine just makes everything better and helps ease the guilts. I'm sure the girls are much happier rider free on turnout then if I was making them concentrate on circles and self-carriage in an arena setting.

Nom-nom all the scoffing is mine - says Kika
Tomorrow is another day full of promise - who knows a trail ride may be in our immediate futures :-D

Another final sweet Nancy shot before I sign off


  1. It looks so sunny and pretty there! I hope Sunday works out for you to ride!

    1. We have been truly blessed with glorious weather this week. Rumour has it it's going to stick around till at least thursday...I really hope this is the case & that winter is truly gone!
      I hope Sunday works out for me too; shall deff do my best to get my butt in the saddle :-D

  2. I think that water wheelbarrow is so smart!

    1. I find it an ingenious idea - it deff makes getting water from A to B much easier!
      Cannot say enough good things about it...serious *thumbs-up* from me :D

  3. Sunshine DEFINITELY makes all things better! :D I joke around that I'm solar powered. If the sun is not out my batteries just don't recharge and I'm useless. Kind of inconvenient in the winter, especially with winter just lingering on and on. Ugh!

    1. Solar Powered - I LOVE IT!
      Totally stealing that too, hope you don't mind!

    2. I don't mind! Go for it hehe!


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