Saturday 29 March 2014

Saturday Stills - Spring has Sprung

As always I hope to keep this word light, or at least I really should as it is almost 9pm and I have to be up again at 12.15am to be at a sports arena for 12.45 to show my support and walk for charity/cancer awareness as Lux undertakes the 24-hour Relay for Life.
My parents and I have a 3 hour window where we'll each take a 30-minute slot and end up walking an hour each...or jogging in my dad's case if his knee holds up.
I'm afraid I'm too lazy & unfit to attempt to jog! *blush*

I did get both girls ridden today as I spent 6 hours at the yard annoying them, I probably only spent a little over 30 minutes in each girls saddle all the rest was faffing around setting out poles, grooming, rinsing, putting away poles, turning out, sorting hay & water for turnout & cleaning know the drill.
More time is spent taking care of horses than actually riding them, lol!
Don't get me wrong - I LOVE IT! I can;t think of a better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

View of poles set up from top of arena

View of poles set up from below
Brilliant photo-taking skills on display from me here....

Both girls were good for our pole work despite them getting barely any saddle time of late and the same someone coming in to lunge the same horse for the same audience in the middle of my pole set-up so that I was forced to work on the outside track while she was there and not poles...weird as neither time did she say anything to me, so I have no idea what was going on.

The many faces of Kika as she patiently waits to start work

Poor exhausted and abused creature

"Why can't I scratch my itchy head?"

Kika earned her first shower of 2014 (it hasn't been warm enough before now) and sunbathing afterwards.

The following photos were taken in sequence as the girls sunbathed is hard, huh?

Click to enlarge the photos.

I should probably also point out at this stage that there was pony-stallion gradings going on in the arena facing them. Although they couldn't see in or get upset by fermones from where they were soaking up the rays. They could catch glimpses of activity to the left - hence pretty pointed ears.

Then it was Nancy's turn to get pampered while Kika scoffed her lunch in her stable- actually i think this post epitomises the reasoning behind my Pampered Ponies blogname...agree/disagree? ;-)

Some tidying required so I could hope to make use of my hands

Post-work baby #FoamFace
Some more awkward standing poses
And a gratuitous sweaty Nancy pic -
so that Kika doesn't get named and shamed alone

Oops it's almost 10pm, if I want to get any rest from this nap I'd best shut up and catch some Zzzzzzzs. I'll hopefully check in tomorrow, but I am as yet unsure as to whether I'll be in a state/mood to ride as it'll probably be 6am before we get home with the clocks going forward!


  1. Your barn seems so fancy. I love how big the indoor is and that it allows some sunlight through. Your girls are pretty as always. :)

    1. Lighter roofing option lets light in, it's actually one of the smaller arenas *blush*
      I am 100% spoiled by where I get to keep my girls!

  2. Amanda is right - that barn is beautiful!!

    1. I can't take any thanks for it as I just pay livery but know that I am super spoiled with facilities, people & location! :-D
      I hope to never have to leave!

  3. That arena does look really nice! Love all of the pics, everything seems so bright and sunny! I know what you mean about the time spent taking care of them. At the track, everything is so fast paced that when I get to the dressage ponies, I just want to take my time with them. It's nice to take that extra time and just enjoy pampering them. Love the pics of the two Divas sunbathing while watching the boys :)

    1. The weather has been amazing so far this spring, really mild winter and now a stunningly warm spring. Although last year was a particularly nasty winter and unusual but then again so is 18-21C in March! The cynic in me is afraid summer has come early and the next 6months will be miserable :-(

  4. Yeesh... why is the walk in the middle of the night (although the 6am one I did wasn't much better to tell you the truth)?? I hope it went well.

    Kika's exhausted and abused picture had me laughing! She pulls it off really well hehe.

    1. K does make a good martyr, she sure has plenty practice at it :p

      It's a 24-hour walk to raise funds & awareness for cancer research - so has to run through the night ;)


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