Thursday 20 March 2014

Terrific Thursday

Pre-warning: this will be a photo heavy post!
Sunshine Snoozing
You should all know by now how much I love photos & as the sun was shining and I wasn't on a time-limit to play with my ponies I may have gotten a little snap happy! *blush*

K pre-grooming

I managed to get today off work as I had overtime and with all the Paddy's day stuff starting last week, I was feeling pretty tired every evening and so wasn't getting to sit on my ponies. Rather than whine &/or be miserable, I decided to be pro-active for a change & take the time to do something I wanted to do rather than whittle it away with flat-meetings or other silly things that are far less enjoyable in my opinion. ;-)

I got to the yard at 11am in glorious sunshine & didn't leave until haynets & water were filled in the field...I got home at 4pm. I then spent an hour ringing round insurance companies for quotes to finally insure the car I bought before Christmas and has been sitting in my parents garage since. *Le-Shame*

N post-grooming & riding
I am now all showered & presentable ready to go to Third Thursday Drinks a work socialising event which starts at 6ish before heading back to the yard between 8 & 9 so that I can bring the little darlings back in and settle them in for the night. (edited to add as posting this after the fact - I ended up phoning another yard friend to bring them in as I was delayed at work event)

It was glorious having no time limit on my yard time today & the sun shined to boot, so it was marvelous all around. I started by turning O out when I arrived as with her navicular she is better off outside rather than cooped up in her stable and when she is on her own I don't give her hay as unlike my two Horsey Houdinis; O stays in the turnout area without electricity turned on and without hay - such a novelty!

Pre- & Post-Mane pulling, although poor angle for photo
and sunglare unhelpful, soz
I then tied Kika outside and decided to tackle her mane, inspired by L @Viva Carlos & Amanda @Keeping it Low Key I had intended to braid it over as there is one bit that insists on lying on the wrong side; but in the end as I had the time and the weather was so nice I just pulled the sucker. I did get before pix, but sun was in wrong place for after pics & then I forgot!

"There's no place like home"
No better place to be on a day off
I got two wonderful spins on both girls despite them only having been ridden tuesday week & sunday. Perhaps my not being able to do so much with them at the moment is doing us all the world of good as I have no expectations nor hangover from previous spins niggling at me with things to correct & improve on.



Sadly I cannot remember any of the finer details as to what we worked on besides w/t/c cirlces, serpentines and changes of rein. I am sure I was far from picture perfect and prov spent more time with my heels up then down & hands down then up but I did try to catch myself and tried to remember to ride inside leg to outside rein and keep my inside rein soft & guiding. Had no one watching so can't say how successful I was, but that probably also helped me stay relaxed in my spins as no one "watching" me (not that people do normally I'm sure but my brain is weird and paranoid...I am working on it )

Kika's #FoamFace

Nancy's #FoamFace
My overriding takeaways from both spins was pure joy & happiness which as the end of the day is why we do this crazy expensive hobby.
I shall try to pay better attention to what we are doing in the next spins :-D

I cannot thank Lauren @shemovedtotexas for hosting the fab EquestrianCoach contest on her blog, I cannot believe I was one of the five lucky winners of a membership for a month. I hope to take full advantage and get lots of tips & tricks to incorporate into my "schooling" sessions if they can be called that ;-)

N making friends with
horse in the mirror
Still goo-goo eye'ing herself
While on the topic of contests be sure to check out @equestriantrend's Noble Outfitters Peddies giveaway.

Post-spin cool down & photo op

I hope all the pictures haven't been too much of an overindulgence - I have more for another post tomorrow as I just had too many to share today! *blush*


  1. What a fun day! Love the foam lips!

    1. It was an awesome day :-D
      Their foamy lips are too cute, N's always look like lipstick as she doesn't foam by the bit like Kika who makes a mess ;-)

  2. I love all the pictures! Your ponies are so cute! :)

    1. Aw thanks, wish I could've remembered more details of our rides to make a more interesting post but I guess yest was just a chillaxed spin. :-D

  3. Yay for fun day with the ponies! Glad you were able to do it. And I have to say your arena mirrors are so clean!! How does that even happen? Ours are always covered by a layer of dust.

    1. I was super glad too, it was the best way to recharge the batteries and has set me up perfectly for the weekend even if rain is forecast!
      No idea if mirrors are cleaned regularly, they do mist up often on colder days...dunno would that make a difference. I have never seen anyine clean them - although for all the time I do spend there I haven't yet spent 24hrs supervising ;-)

  4. Thanks for sharing the giveaway :) your girls are so beautiful!!!

    1. Aw thank you for your kind comments and awesome giveaway!

  5. It looks and sounds like a beautiful day! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Love the pics!

    1. Thanks it was dreamlike, I deff chose the right day for it as today has been very misty-wet & grey

  6. There is no such thing as too many pictures! I love pictures too hehe. I'm glad you had such an awesome day with the girls and didn't have any time constraints. I loved when I was able to spend whole days at the barn. So nice! Congrats on being one of the winners for the contest. That is so awesome!

    1. Thanks a1d, it was great...nothing compares to it!


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