Thursday 18 December 2014

Poneh Pick me up

Ponies are the best pick me up. After not falling asleep till after 3-3.30am the last two nights topped off with our team of 8 being whittled down to 4 yesterday & 3 this afternoon due to vacation leave and unforseen sickness. 
This normally wouldn't cause problems on a Thursday afternoon. But work is tripping over itself to be in the system before the Court closes for the Christmas break next week. 
I'm not typically a gambler, but i would put money on units being down to skeletal staff on Monday and Tuesday next as most people will have taken advantage of the weekend to skedaddle early and eke out some extra time with family & friends. I don't begrudge anyone that, I am just at a disadvantage as i don't have kids and I don't leave Lux for the festive period as (i am lucky my folks live here and have let me live with them for the last 4 years!!!). Just means most years I make up the skeletal staff that stays behind to hold the fort ;-)
Oops that went off on a tangent!

Coolest horse ever - dressing herself up.
Bringing Christmas indoors ;-)

I am whacked exhausted but so looking forward to seeing my ponies this evening to tuck them in for the night.
So i haven't sat on either one in over a week, the way Nancy greeted me at midday today was so cute. She was lying flat out again when I got there today, I think this might be a poor reflection on my ability to turn them out the last two weeks - she no longer expects me to turn up #sadtimes
Unlike last time, but more like normal Kika didn't make a sound so N got a bit of a shock when I popped my in and said hi. She was the epic multi-tasker as she made full nostril twitching whickering sounds while hauling herself up quick-fast. As much as it warms my heart to have her happy to see me, she is in such a hurry to get up I'm afraid she'll hurt herself some day.

Work may be cray but my colleagues are the best.

I interpret Kika's excessive grouchiness at rugging time as her jealousy at not getting enough me time.
Or I think it is as she has taken to clattering the partition between herself and Nancy the last three times I turned them out - totes jealousy at not enough Aoife-time and not rotten misbehaviour...I swear. (Okay so maybe my fingers are crossed as i hope really hard)

This was supposed to be a super short post as I'm doubling up on posts today due to 30 b4 30 excitement, but when have i not got verbal diahorea?!


  1. work can be so mentally and at times emotionally draining. Esp when you are running it on your own. just remember to breathe. ponehs are the best, you're right. *hugs*

    1. Thankfully it's not stressful as most deadlines have now passed. Just as you say mentally draining when fewer staff to share the burden.
      Ponehs are the best - no question ☺

  2. Horse hugs cure everything. :) I hope things on the work front slow down soon!

    1. Not likely To slow down but I have adjusted to increased workload over the last 12-18months scary to think I'll prob adapt again.
      Admittedly this week was unusually demanding due to unexpectedly low staff numbers because of unforeseen circumstances & year end colliding

  3. aww i love her little diy mane decorations!! good luck getting through the next couple weeks at work - it kinda stinks being the only one without some big socially accepted reason to beg off... but hopefully you'll be able to get a break after the craziness subsides!

    1. Thankfully work closes after Tuesday and we don't go back to work till the 5th of Jan - cannot wait!
      Just hope I don't get sick when on downtime as my body won't know what to do with itself ;-)

  4. Ugh I feel you on the not sleeping part! Go away insomnia. Sorry work has been crazy. I'm glad the girls are there to cheer you up. :D

    1. Slept like the dead Thursday night so recharged and ready to go again ☺


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