Sunday 21 December 2014

Surreal Sensation

I am super glad to have managed to ride both girls today. Considering neither one had been ridden in 10 or 11 days they were both legends & very forgiving of me!
My mam & sister came to the yard with me & snapped some fun photos which accompany this post.

I rode Nancy first, no walker, no lunging and no turnout yesterday - she was such a sweetheart. My sis caught some lovely moments in pictures, which I am super stoked to have.
We got some truly lovely walk/trot/canter work while the spectators were there (Yay for nice photos), which is just as well as she was not a happy camper to go back to work after stopping to say our goodbyes to my family.

She tried to convince me that she could not possibly be expected to walk in a straight line, now walk without her head to the outside! Back to basics we went with some ugly giraffe'ing walk/trot transitions with random 10m circles to reinstall some inside bend. Thankfully it worked pretty well and we got back to some much better work before calling it quits.

Please excuse the state of me sitting like a sack
- but Nancy is super cute

Kika thoroughly surprised me with her stellar behaviour. We were alone in the main arena and the rain was sporadically hammering outside of the building. Not once did the sound break her concentration, the arena sides are another matter but the odd side-step & squiggly squirmish along one long side & her corner nemesis are par for the Kika course and just make me giggle as she randomly jigs at something then goes past it without batting an eyelash before and after.

Pre-work mirror selfie
When I first got up i thought I might be in for a bit of a battle as again she tried to refuse to sidle up to the side so that I could deposit the quarter sheet after our walk warm up. A couple taps of the stick, leg and a verbal scolding reminded her that I am indeed the boss and meant business - oddly enough not a problem after that ;-)

Foam Face

We got gorgeous walk/trot/canter work and transitions up and down all super soft and willing. I couldn't help but grin the whole time, praise her and giggle at the odd misstep when  some shadow or other offended her. A yard friend joined us in the arena and commented on how well she was going. I beamed and said I couldn't believe it either considering she hadn't been ridden in over 10 days and hadn't been turned out yesterday. However she had spent time on the walker while i rode & put Nancy away after our spin.
Sadly there is no media of this super spin, the family photog was long gone home to recover from jet lag after her long route home (Vancouver-Dallas-London-Lux) with a 4h delay in Dallas resulting in an unscheduled overnight in London.
Although to be fair, if i had had an audience i would probably have ridden like a plank and not had the wonderful spin that has kept me smiling all day.

PS: I edited my previous post to add shots of the empty apartment if anyone is curious...


  1. Awesome!! It's the best when you are surprised by good pony behavior after a long time off. =-)

    Love the pics too!

    1. Innorite - best feeling ever. Especially when expecting some sort of fireworks from the typical awkward one. There was actually a bit of role reversal going on yest lol. Nancy gave me more cheek than Kika.
      Love poneh personalities & attitudes ☺

  2. Yay for great rides!! That is awesome!!! :D I love the pictures. Both girls looks great!

    1. Thanks hun, have plenty more photos to spread over other posts. I am hoping to stockpile images while the sisters are visiting. Yay for personal photos for a few days!

  3. yay so glad the girls went so well - and that your family was able to watch you in action! it's funny - isabel never wants to get back to work after a break, but we're working on it lol.

    1. Always a work in progress with our delightful equine companions ☺

  4. "the wonderful spin that has kept me smiling all day"


  5. So happy to hear about good rides! What lovely girls you have :)

    1. I am truly blessed with how forgiving they are of my poor consistency.


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