Thursday 2 July 2015

Summertime Shade

A heatwave has hit continental Europe and while it is nowhere near the temperatures that most the rest of the world deals with but for my Irish ponies & I it's too hot *blush*
We are not used to it and it is abnormal enough that we won't really have the time to acclimatise before the thunderstorms this is building to hit.

Parched Pasture @14h00 today
Sadly their summer field only has shade in the mornings, but boy am I glad that their "winter" turnout out is right next door & surrounded by lovely shade making trees.

If the heat continues i may have to reinstate my lunchtime commute to the barn to swap them fields for a few hours every afternoon!

On the plus side, seeing as they have been off the winter turnout since the last week of April...plenty greenery has grown back and they have something other than hay to eat. Admittedly the greenery is mostly weeds & nettles as the 'field' is surrounded by disideous (spelling?) trees cramped together so not much room for sunlight to get through nor much goodness left in the soil for actual tasty grasses to grow.
However I don't think my two greedy guzzlers will be complaining till I take them back out of shady heaven and return them to their summer field and give them their swinging acrobatic haynets later this evening. *insert-evil-cackle*


  1. yikes - stay cool in that heat! glad the girls have shade (and grass!) next door too

    1. You and me both. Here's hoping temps stabilise 10° lower and I'll be ecstatic

  2. Lol I died at that last part. Mwaahahaha

    1. Always happy to make others laugh ☺

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