Saturday 10 May 2014

Oh Canada!

Surfing the wifi @ Heathrow airport waiting for flight to Vancouver.
Going to miss these two something fierce...

...but get to see my sis & see a new (to me) part of the world!

Hope to be able to catch up with everyone when I get back!

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Rider Review: Gemosi Horse-hair Jewelry

My good friend & Guru's birthday was in March, myself and another yard friend chipped in and conspired to "steal" (more borrow as she got it back ... in a way) hair from her mare's tail for a unique gift.

I first discovered the beautiful Gemosi designs through the wonderful blogging community that is (see also badge to the right).

Initially, I had to contact the wonderfully helpful Jenny @Gemosi as there was a problem processing the payment, it was a small blessing in disguise as the customer service I received was fantastic, you see, I was being awkward (shocker).
The Guru's mare doesn't have a lot of tail and as I was being sneaky; I didn't want her to know I had "borrowed" precious hairs so I decided to also snip hairs from my own mares tails because L calls them her horses too. So that if there wasn't enough tail hairs in the sample I took from her horse we could still get a bracelet made for her by mixing in hair from my girls tails.

However as it happens, I had stolen enough tail from my friends horse for her bracelet & rather than let the clippings from my mares' tails go to waste I splurged on a Solace bracelet for myself!
Jenny & Gemosi were amazing in helping me organise all this with lots of back and forth sorting out delivery etc - I cannot recommend their customer service highly enough.

I sadly didn't think to snap any pictures of the lovely chestnut hair bracelet the Guru got - I got the same design as her, but as my girls' tail hairs are so dark they are indistinguishable one from the other...but I know they are both represented so sentimental value ftw *blush*

It just so happens that the wonderful people of Gemosi are running a facebook contest - so one of you lovely readers could be the new recipients of lovely horse-hair jewelry if you like their page & image! :)

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this review and am in no way connected to the wonderfully creative people who make these gorgeous unique pieces of jewelry - I am just a very happy customer.

PS: My Ogilvy arrived yesterday...more on that tomorrow though ;-)