Saturday 23 May 2015

Blaming Buzzfeed

I have but myself to blame for my blogger silence, both on my blog & the awesome blogs I follow. I downloaded the buzzfeed app on my phone and  now spend the bus journeys to & from work doing quizzes and reading funny articles instead of keeping up to date on blogging. #sorrykindanotsorry i wish there was more time in my day to do both!

Best buds
In saying that I have managed to squeeze some spins in around showing off my flat by having friends over most evening after work which cuts into pony time but as the girls are now outside 24/7 neither they nor i feel too guilty about not riding in circles in the arenas.

Freshly made beds in flat - more welcoming & homely
 than video tour...more pillows will be added before
 visitors arrive rest assured guys.

As it is just the two of them on the field, I have divided it down the middle to try to keep them both streamlined by not needing to get them hay because they scoffed all the grass. By splitting the field in two one side can regrow while the stuff their faces on the other side.  Sadly I think i wanted too long to split the field (3weeks) and didn't leave enough growth to really take advantage of the division. I have had to swap them sides each weekend since I split the field as otherwise I see Kika reaching out under the wire to eat what's outside & long time followers of the blog know what a horsey Houdini she is so i have to try to stay one step ahead!
She actually got out of this field already a couple of Mondays back without damaging any of the fencing or hurting herself. Admittedly in doing so she proved to the yard owners to check the electricity running around the field (something I had been meaning to ask them to do) & it was found to be lacking. I'm telling you guys - this horse is way too smart for me!!!

Pony Paparazzi from car
Kika being derptastic

All of that waffle to say that there is only the two of them on the field so rather than leave one alone to stress while i ride, I bring them  other in & toss one on the walker while i ride the other. No harm no foul as it'll also help keep them trim in the long run.
What this means is i have swapped from my winter routine of riding Kika first then Nancy to now starting with Nancy while Kika spins on the walker and then her second.
They have always been very different rides, but my last two spins and the other in which I am now riding them has really hammered home one crucial difference. After Nancy, Kika feels like I am riding a pony!!!!

Re-posting this photo as i LOVE it

On that bombshell I'm going to shut up now because thankfully nothing exciting has happened in my spins besides both girls being absolute angels despite such lack of saddle time. Pedicures for them today so I won't ride, tomorrow & Monday i will cos Yay la-la-long-weekend. Fingers crossed for plenty trail riding as weekdays really do only allow for arena work so when possible i prefer to escape for a stroll...maybe I'll be able to twist my mamas arm to join me on Nancy & I'll take Kika the Chicken before she every to being more comfortable as Nancy's lapdog ;-)

Wednesday 6 May 2015

WW - Furnished Flat Tour

Apologies again for the blog silence and breaking "wordless" Wednesday to share this video tour of my finally furnished flat!
To say I am super happy with it is an understatement...Now who wants to reserve the spare room for a visit to Lovely Luxembourg? ;-)

Video starts in the open plan kitchen/living with view onto the terrace (ground floor apt ftw). I have a TV which I will set up between the white shelves & black glass front sideboard in the living when I settle in (hopefully over the weekend).
Next we head into the "spare" room, which has two diff mattresses in case guests prefer firmer/softer option (not because I couldn't decide pfft) and the slats under the mattresses can be manually raised at the head or feet - yes guests...I will spoil you!

Main bathroom is next with one of my many fav features, the pebble-fronted bath tub - a quick stroll down the corridor with the front door on the right and saloon doors into a coat closet/storage space on the left. Final rooms of my flat is the master bedroom & en-suite bathroom.

Now we can all know why I have no more pocket change for competing ponies, registration fees and/or weekly lessons. All this decision making is also why the poor ponies have been enjoying more free time than saddle time the last number of months - Lawrd the stress of so many decisions for a Libra!
Artwork will make its way onto the walls and light-shades, curtains etc - all homely touches will follow once i move in properly and get a feel for the place/impose me more upon it...

I really hope to welcome many blogger friends now that i have a spare room to host as many of you as wish to visit the Grand Duchy :)

Edited to add links to earlier posts with photos/video of the flat in it's emptyness, in case anyone missed them/cares...