Sunday 9 October 2016

Sunny Sunday

I have been both a bad blogger & a bad rider of late.
I think it has been 3 or 4 weeks since I last rode Kika 😶

I have haphazardly hopped on a friends horse that is rehabbing from a 9month layoff due to injury just to walk & trot as he can be fiery with her. Although knock-on-wood he didn't try anything the times I rode him. He is kind of cob sized & his stride is much choppier than what I was used to, but he's a fun sort. Very willing and takes correction better than my two. I guess that's the joys of geldings over mares - less drama 😂

I finally got around to lunging Kika in the pessoa yesterday, I prefer the re-engage her brain with that training aid than risk undoing things by hopping into the tack without making sure the marbles are where I left them 😁
She was brilliant on the lunge, despite an interupted warm up to give someone directions as they'd come to the wrong stable and then once we got going with the pessoa rigged up we wound up having to change arenas and work outside to finish off and she was ace. Good as gold to change arenas & didn't bat an eyelid once we did. She went straight back to work without fuss.

Nancy has been kept on her toes with PL coming three times a week to ride her & in fact a friend of PLs  (who funnily enough has the same first name) and has been helping PL on Sundays with lessons has expressed an interest in coming one day a week to ride. She is a better rider than I & once K is running again will have the choice of riding Nancy or Kika once a week so long as it doesn't clash with original PLs chosen days. But the one day a week leasee will pay as she goes as she does have niggling injuries and may not be able to ride weekly so we'll just play it by ear and see how things go.

Eep - sorry this is getting wordy again when really I was just posting to share a video of Kika & I "jumping" a fallen log in the woods today. I am all over the place in the dressage saddle, so please forgive me Kika - but it was fab fun & hopefully I'll find some time to pop her over some poles in an arena again soon. I don't think we've jumped in prob close to two years 🙈

Also, as of yesterday I have become obsessed with Words with Friends!
Do any of you play?  😇