Wednesday 30 December 2015

WW - Final Photodump of 2015

Silly selfie where they squeezed me out!

My saintly sister showed me up with her
awesome matchy-matchy outfit.
She surprised me with the Xmas hats & photo session.

Saturday 26 December 2015

Christmas Continued

My wonderful sister snapped so many fab photos (imo) yesterday that I couldn't share them all in one post. So i hope you are prepared for another photo overload today. I am going to share the remainder in the order they were taken in the hopes of not repeating myself.

We started with Nancy...

Then it was Kika's about look of Eagles - there may have been people walking in the distance and she was transfixed.

Bit of a blooper

There are more group shots as well, I think a third post will be needed. *blush* I love so many of these that I couldn't not share them all!

Happy St Stephens/Boxing Day!!!!

Friday 25 December 2015

Feeling Festive



I have so many more fab imo photos to share thanks to my "baby" sister (she's 25); prob best not to share them all at once though - must spread the love!

Love from Kika, Nancy & mwuah

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Miss Sass

Methinks Nancy may have enjoyed her mini-holiday too much while i got my back semi-sorted. Homegirl has been seriously sassy since her return to work last Friday with her Leasee.

Moi?! No I iz an angel - Nancy

She wasn't bad per se on Friday evening, however she wasn't quite tuned in or listening to PL. Saturday PL rode again, before turnout this time - not sure if that had any bearing on the outcome but let's just say it did not go well and Miss Nancy threw a couple unexpected bucks in the canter. I stupidly had my back turned so missed what might have triggered Nancy, but she didn't help PL.
The upside to this turn of events was that it allowed me climb back into the tack and see how the back would hold up vs the easy out i may have otherwise taken as it was time for some no nonsense riding for Miss Sassy Pants. PL is 100% up to the task, but as they are still a new partnership she is not sure how strong a line to take. No biggie, as i say it gave me a good test for mi espalda.

Also enjoying her
 extended mini-break

N was not naughty à la Kika, but she was testing the boundaries and seeing what she might be able to get away with ... answer: sorry kid - NADA
PL hopped back up when I was done to cool Nancy out, we were playing it safe as PL was hurting a little so i didn't want her to do herself any further damage. Horse people - what're we like?! Always pushing the boundaries.

K is always so overjoyed to be tagging along
 LOLZ could they have any more of a diff of opinion?!

Sunday - Nancy, Kika & I went for a stroll in the woods. A little break from the arena always does all the brains some good. I gave N Monday off to regroup and hopped up again myself Tuesday evening ahead of PL's return se soir. N still had plenty to say for herself, but acquiesced nicely. She wanted to canter and keep cantering, guess the break didn't do much to diminish her fitness levels as much as it deff impacted mine! She was pretty polite in her transitions despite my deliberately attempting to set her up for a fit so that I could correct her - hard and all as that was for me as i generally rather try to set things up for success - who wouldn't? But at the same time i wanted to push some buttons to see if i could trigger different responses.

I've missed being in the tack
& obvs mirror selfies

Nancy has reached her delightful teenage years and will no doubt continue to test the boundaries, but so long as she does so for me and behaves for PL I'll be happy. To be honest hough she is nowhere near as badly behaved as Kika's teenage years, however I am hoping to keep a better lid on things this time and not let things get as bad as I did with Miss K. No point in making mistakes if i don't learn something from them right?

The main madam & I will hopefully
 get back to work over this festive season 

Friday 11 December 2015

Friday Flashback - our first double clear

Taking a trip down memory lane today, way back to 2009 (10th of October 2009) when Kika and i got our first double clear jumping 1m course no less!

Apologies for haphazard & bouncy video, old school digital camera at work.
The round itself leaves a lot to be desired, my flapping leg cues for take off and running her into the base of the fences resulting in my being jumped out of the tack more often than not are some of the rather unflattering things i do.
Regardless of all my bad riding, I am still super proud of my little horse who to this day continues to put up with my bad riding - although she is less forgiving now days.

When it comes to jumping & competing, I really do miss Ireland! I regularly flirt with the idea of sending her back to the family farm so that I can fly over every other weekend to compete at the local shows. Crazily it would save me money on the monthly livery fees here, but Nancy & I would miss her too much and what if I couldn't register to compete as i don't really live in Ireland anymore. I am technically on secondment to work here in Lux, but as the job is supposedly safe as houses the only reason I'd move back to Ireland would be if I chose to leave my current position...All thoughts for a rainy day perhaps.

Thursday 3 December 2015

Bad Blogger

I have been brutal at posing the goings on here in Lux. Partially because very little has been going on but mostly because I'm a bad/lazy blogger. In an attempt to stem the word vomit I shall break this post into three parts: me & the two girls.

HAI - miss me?!
Moi d'abord
I haven't sat on a horse in almost two weeks. I put my back out two Sundays ago and spent most of last week walking around like an ould dear before I could get the doc appointment that would give me access to a physio (needed the paper trail for refund from work). Everyone I know has had a good laugh at my expense, along the lines of "2 months into being thirty and you're already crocked". Because I put my back out bending over to pick up Kika's foot to take off her Cinderella boot one rather chilly mid-morning.

Mashup of my buzzcut between the ears view from my last time in the tack - a gentle stroll in the woods the day I put my back out in the hopes (read:vain attempt) to loosen it out.

The girls
Are hopefully enjoying their unscheduled break.

Patient poneh not moving a muscle, waiting in the middle of the empty arena as i left to get the pooper-scooper

Has been ridden a couple of times by PL and myself either side of PLs spins (prior to doing my back in). I tried to ride N either side of PL & stayed on the ground to offer tips and advice while PL was riding. Because Miss Nancy had started running and giraffe'ing rather than trotting normally like the good girl she can be. This is not unusual for Nancy and is her defence/way of testing new jockeys out. She did it to me back in the day too, so I was happy to have some tips and tricks to offer PL.
After clipping, her crankiness at girthing subsided, so methinks the longer hair was just getting in the way there. However the saddle fitter is still scheduled for a visit next week to check on both girls for me.

Not a happy camper at accompanying Nancy & I on our stroll - could she be any less enthusiastic?!

Has literally done nothing tack wise since out great spin at the start of November (scroll down for Kika praise) due to above reasons. Aka my helping PL from the ground + riding Nancy myself and more recently putting my back out on the day I had planned to hop back on board Miss Kika. Oh fate you fickle fiend! She has been lunged once and I'll lunge her again a couple of times before I climb back on board especially as my back won't appreciate her spooky/jerky movements should she decide to whip them out. Homegirl needs a job though as I can tell she is bored with the laissez faire approach. K likes a certain amount of work as she enjoys having a job, but obvs nothing too taxing or strenuous mind ;-)

So that's us basically all caught up, I've my second physio visit tomorrow for the back so will check for the green light to return to the tack. PL is away for two weeks on holidays which is kind of a blessing in disguise as that way I don't have to feel bad about not being able to keep Nancy going for her. The barefoot trimmer is due back Saturday, so all going well i should be making my return to the saddle Sunday if not earlier ☺