40 before 40

All credit for idea & super logo goes to Lauren @shemovedtotexas

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1. Meet as many blogger peeps as I can
2. Do 100 sit ups a day - every day!
3. Get keys to my very own apartment - Done 19 Dec'2014
4. Furnish & move in to said flat - Done May'2015
5. Ride more during the week
6. Go on a riding holiday in Iceland
7. Visit Aachen (Germany)/Saut  Hermes (France)/Hickstead (UK) and/or RDS (Dublin)
8. Go to Badminton and/or Burghley
9. Go to as many Global Champion Tours as I can get to
10. Learn to drive Nancy
11. Commission a sketch of Nancy
12. See my uni friends in Ireland more
13. Take monthly conformation shots of girls to chart progress
14. Get professional photog pics of girls and/or actually learn to use my Canon properly
15. Do at least one Dressage Anywhere test
16. Sign up for a weekly lesson
17. Get car out of the garage & actually drive it! - I use it multiple times a week now

18. Do driving requirement for full license  - Done 2015
19. Research Kika & Nancy's bloodlines & siblings
20. Go back to Equitana Germany
21. Learn to put Polo Wraps
22. Increase blog interaction by posting more
23. Jump Kika again either alone, in lessons or pipe dream *competitions*
24. Breed a foal from Kika (only if i can increase her worth)
25. Try riding side saddle
26 - 40 TBD

I am 100% open to suggestions / embellishments, please post & let me know what you think as well as encouragement and/or checking in from time to time to see how my achievements stack up...if any that is ;-)

Updated June 2016


  1. Oh, i have a similar list! I call it Equibingo :-) 49 horsey things to be done. As for Dressage anywhere how about joining in together? I used to do it before - it was fun, even though i was always the last or second worst in the competition :-D

    1. I love the name Equibingo...might have to change mine and deffo need to update the list and flesh it out some more.


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