Friday 4 March 2011


I may be shooting myself in the foot and speaking too soon but i figured poor ould K has been getting a lot of rough press from me lately!
She has been great so far this week, the lovable, friendly girl i was used to know till she became sullen and cranky over winter. It may be a combination of the challenge of the pessoa work she now gets three times a week, but i also changed her rug and i reckon she is now les hot all day so she's in better form.

Just a quick post to say that all is going well, or at least so far so good lol. Haven't had a chance to ride her this week, that enjoyable task is taking place tomorrow and i am actually looking forward to it! *gasp* Right?!
I'm sure all will go well though! I'm off work on monday so I've a nice long weekend to play with my girl and report back as necessary! :D
Feeling good - hopefully i'm not setting myself up for a fall! ;) (Literally - rofl)

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