Tuesday 28 June 2011

Road to Recovery

Wow it's been a while since I updated this! Shame on me!
All is going well with Kika and the healing process, I was away on holidays from the 9th of June to the 20th where my mother very kindly took up nursing duties. I don't pics of every stage of healing as it has become such a routine of cleaning and hand walking over the last month that i didn't always think of snapping pics! *blushing* However I have some photo-journaling type update shots to share.
I don't have much to update (although typically this probably won't stop me writing an essay!), vet came again yesterday and I was hoping we'd get the green light for Kika to go back out to the field, but we didn't...yet, ;) When she does get the go-ahead to go back out to grass she won't be going back to the same field, another one of her original pasture buddies was also run out of the field as in her absence (since the addition of N) there were 3 geldings to 1 mare a ratio which obviously led to issues and so E (apaloosa from original field frolicking post last month or was that April?!) and she will be sharing a field when vet gives go-ahead. Phew! That really is my main goal at the moment is to get her hairy self back out to grass so that she can stretch her legs and rid herself of some of her fizz through graving and constant walking!
Prognosis from vet yesterday was that she still takes a few lame steps when she starts to trot, but that she works out the kinks and then she trots ok. But as she is still receiving the Hipopolazon (finally learned how to spell that! Have been looking at the label for a month now, lol, about time really!) we can't really tell 100% yet how she'll move. So today will be her last time to receive a decreased dose and I am to try trotting her again (lungening) on friday and then report back to the vet, and we'll go from there.
She (the vet) understands that my main priority at the moment is to get herself back outside and then we'll start the re-building lungeing, fittening regime after about a week on grass i reckon. But this is all still speculative pending friday's lungeing-trotting test.
Friday is also the day I am planning on going to the tack shop to pick up some bits and bobs (garlic pellets, my plastic curry comb seems to have gone walkies - but i needed a new one anyway as bristles were pretty bust up lol, and herself pulled her headcollar and leadrope into her stable yesterday and broke the leadrope - so have to go get a new one of those to as two leadropes are required for tying in wash bay area, *rollseyes*), I'm also hoping to have a chat to the owner as he is a saddle fitter (comes highly recomended from my trusted friend L who has helped so much with Kika). I am hoping to find out if he'll take the saddle i bought in November in exchange for a new one or part exchange for one fitted by him. Or maybe he can help me sell it, who knows...not me in any case, which is why i've to go talk to him on friday ;)
Right now for the mini-not-so-regular-photo-journal-update-type-thing: (I'll post links to the photos so as not to make this post even longer!)
The last photos posted below were from the 30th of May, so the first ones i'm going to link to now are from the following day;
31 May 2011
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning

3 June 2011
Post-Cleaning 1
Post-Cleaning 2
Post-Cleaning 3

27 June 2011 (yesterday - All pre-cleaning and practically healed!)

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