Thursday 9 February 2012

Unusual Update

These are possibly getting predictable and as such the title for this one is probably well off - again no real news to update as such. Sorry!

Last weekend went well with her walking/loose lungeing after the osteo visit on friday, I was revising for an exam which took place on monday morning so the lul in her workload coincided well for me - for a change!
Monday evening I had intended to lunge for 15-20minutes in her tack to make sure Kika wasn't going to act too ridiculous after her break and touch up from the oseto, I ended up lungeing for a good 25mins as she was slow to settle to the job at hand. She has mastered the art of listening to voice changes of speed while simultaneously managing to avoid really listening - magical multi-tasker my madam is! *roll-eyes*
When she settled I hoped up, and wouldn't you know i'd forgotten my crop, so thankfully she was not in a testing mood!
We walked, trotted and even braved a couple canters, which still not of a great quality were much improved on the choppy unbalanced stuff which lead to the osteo check - so good news on that front! :-)
Her lessons were retained from L's ridden work the weekend previous and no attempts were made to pitch a fit at any stage - although that may have had something to do with the 25 minute lungeing session i had sneakily snuck in in the hopes of focussing the mind to job at hand.
I was only in the saddle for 10-15minutes as I didn't want to do much unsupervised, as i mentioned in my "Questionable Intentions" Post, I have decided to only ride supervised for a while as I felt I was only going backwards when working on my own of late - I have a nasty habit of getting caught up in my head and focussing on the bad. So i need eyes and a voice on the ground to keep me focused which in turn keeps her focused ;-)

Happy with our return to "work" I arranged with L to have her supervise us on Tuesday evening - we agreed on 8pm start time. So i went to the barn at lunch time on Tuesday to loose lunge Kika to get rid of any fizz that may have built up now that she's not getting daily turn out for the moment.
The big silly billy went to take a corner too tightly and her hind legs went from under her, now she didn't fall completely but I can imagine that she did manage to jar herself - but she kept going and worked away fine afterwards with no sign of unease or discomfort. She was not lame and had not resumed her head shaking/snaking or disunited cantering. So I assumed she was alright in herself and popped her back in the stable with a plentyful supply of hay for the afternoon.

As it turns out I ended up cancelling L for tuesday evening as the temperatures were the coldest they'd been to date (still -10 C during the day) so i figured as it was only going to get colder as the evening went on and we weren't due our lesson till 8pm, that I would be better off cancelling then freezing my backside off and then not getting anywhere. So popped back to the abrn direct from work, sorted her stable and gave her a hay top up and was home for 7pm.

Yesterday (Wednesday) the farrier came to re-shape her feet, he and I are both very happy with how she is doing without shoes so so far so good and we are more than managing without them. :)
In fact every 5 weeks I am suprised when my friend who uses the same farrier reminds me that it is almost 6 weeks since they were done...the time just flies for me now. Whereas before after 2 weeks she would start slipping on the tarmac after the nails would wear a bit on her was a nightmare!

I had a bit of a woopsy/blonde - aka: Malteaser moment (blonde dressed up as a brunnette ;-) ) when I got to the barn and found Kika's stall empty. Went up to where the farrier works thinking my friend A had been very kind and perhaps brought Kika up for me, to find that they were there alright working on her horse but no sign of Miss Kika. Said to them "sorry, I think I'm after losing my horse" and wandered off with their laughter following me - tis alright they are beginning to realise I can be a bit ditzy at times teehee.
Anyways, when i get back to her box after checking that she wasn't in the small loose lungeing arena or walker and noticed that her outdoor rug is not on her door where i typically leave it - which in itself was odd as i was no longer turning her out due to her Escapoligist endeavours last week. So went to see was O in her stable (which if she had been I'd have been rightly bamboozled) to see my buddy L at the end of the aisle lookin at me with an "angellic-butter-wouldn't-melt" look on her face.
Now knowing nothing was wrong with Kika she asks me is everything alright barely hiding her grin, to which i reply that i appear to be missing something rather large...a horse, she might have seen it...
Turns out the yard paddocks have been "opened" as the ground is frozen so she turned the two girls out there for a change as O wasn't enjoying herself so much on her own in "our" paddock - the neighbouring ponies are staying in their lean-to/shed during this cold-snap so O was pretty lonely without Kika.
L told me that K was good as gold when she let them off and no messing ensued, which is great news considering it had been a week since she'd last been out. Yippee!

So yeah, the blacksmith saw to her and the vet also called out to do her vaccines so she is now on another two day break to allow her system adjust. We also got some cream to put on the one remaining wart/sacroid after the course of injections finished last week and doesn't seem to have affected it. Thankfully those that we were able to "rubber band" in the summer have not come back so there is just the one left on the inside of a hind leg - and as such cannot be rubber banded. So i have now been given cream to apply to it, which i think will have a similar affect to burning it off - sound snasty and painful so vet has warned that some horses pay more attention to the "burning" than others and she may find it uncomfortable so behaviour may alter slightly during the course of treatment...consider me forwarned.
Potential Behaviour Alterations - Noted.

So that is how things currently stand, L is away for a few days with O for training in the North of France, a bit of a change of scenery. :) So Miss Kika is going to get her few days rest after the vaccines and then I'll do groundwork, lungeing - loose, pessoa and with poles until L get's back and can help me from the ground again as I mentioned above I want/need someone to keep me out of my own head and on the straight and narrow when attempting ridden work!

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