Saturday 21 April 2012

5 year Owniversary - Then & Now Photos

I think i mentioned in a recent post the story of how Kika came to be mine - nothing extravagant...but it is our story nonetheless. In any case, the first day i saw her after buying her was this day 5 years ago.
So I had to get pics of her today for a then and now Blog Special, ;)

First up 21/4/2007 - Fuzzy McFuzz-Monster

Happy Head

And now 21/4/2012 - hopefully any differences are positive, although i couldn't get shots from the same angle as they aren't out yet here! And these were taken on my phone - so sorry if quality a bit bad!
Prepare for overload!

Other side's turn

And then last but not least two that made me smile...Reminding me that she hasn't really changed that much! ;)



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  1. Oh my god.. She has really grown up.. I absolutely love her head.. She has such a girly head - like Sexy Mare.. I love her.. She is so pretty and she knows it too..
    Happy Owniversary!!
    She has really muscled up and has changed shape totally.. She really is a horse now..
    Love her.. Huge congratulations..
    Me thinks you and I shouldn't go horse buying together - as we'd probably fight over the same horse!! Lol...
    Orla & Solly


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