Thursday 19 July 2012

New pictures & a hopefully brief update

Vet came back yesterday to discuss results of Miss Kika's blood & stoll samples - thankfully no worms, so all is well with our worming schedule!
Good to know!
However from the blood tests it would appear that Kika has low levels of Selenium & some liver issues. Thankfully the vet is not overly worried about her, so I am taking my cue from her. She gave me a Selenium supplement in granule form to add to Kika's feed for 6 days with a day off until the packet is finished at which time we'll do another blood test to see if she improves for it - so Kika will be very happy to now have an excuse to eat hard feed again, I hadn't been giving her any as she was doing so well on air & hay in the field (see last post about Chubby McCubberson!)
Vet said not to be too worried about liver issue as not life threatening and she has successfully monitored horses with liver troubles before. She has perscribed a herbal powder to help the liver's activity, the effect of this will also be monitored when the blood test is taken for Selenium levels.

As I am making the trip back to Ireland for a long weekend (Friday to Wednesday) to see family I did check with the vet that it would be alright for me to wait a few days to start Kika on her treatments. She also said it wouldn't be a problem to keep working her - so happy days. Operation Slim & Trim Pony can get going properly upon my return next week!
I haven't been able to do anything with her since the weekend as I've been under the weather myself - but on the upside the hay supply in the field hasn't been re-filled since Sunday so she has lost the bloated look. I shall be asking that they give them another bale this weekend as I can't be doing with getting a phone call when I'm in Ireland to say that my horse is after breaking out of the field!

Right so that's the wordy stuff out of the way, here are the pictures I promised!

All taken on my new camera (Canon EOS 600D) as i am learning to use it - don't know if anyone has seen my new blog to keep track of my progress for myself...assuming there is any! Phoenix Pix (LINK)

Whip out a camera and Madam can't get enough of coming to say hello!
Getting Warmer
Love Me - I'm such an attention starved creature....
So my friend duly obliged and Miss Kika was less than impressed with the affection, lol
And the relented cos she's not really as cold-hearted as she pretends to be, ;)
Shiney Pony during grooming
Full body shot post grooming with yours truly in background (my friend kindly took these photos)

Kika's field buddies P (black) & C (grey)
Field neighbour KF

and W
"I'm a-comin for ya"
"What're ya doing down there Mammy?"
"Did ya know I love having my picture taken?!"
All that posing works up an appetite...
Sleepy munching
Two parting 'arty shots'

Shadow Kissing
Parting Body Shot:

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  1. Hopefully the supplements will set your girl to rights! I'm glad the vet isn't too concerned :)


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