Wednesday 14 August 2013

Playing Catch Up

Sky as I walked to the field + some instagrammin'
Apologies to those awaiting the promised beach photos, unfortunately the friend who has them on her camera put her back out the evening we got home and is laid up at home - so please send her virtual healing vibes!
Nancy coming to meet me
 In the mean time, I have been checking the ponies who are having an easy week after their adventurous fortnight at the seaside - they did nothing Saturday, then the Mammy and I took Nancy & Kika for a stroll in the woods on Sunday and they have been chillaxing in the field since then. I do go to check on them every evening and pick out their hooves, give them treats, love on them and replace any and all removed fly mask...yes O & Kika I do mean you guys! The parentals and I have a mini-routine in the works, whereby I walk to the field and one of them comes to meet me in the car and I drive back!

Girls coming for cuddles
 YES - you read that right! I passed my driver's test on my second attempt just before we left for the beach. I am not quite confident enough to drive on my own yet so we have this little routine going. Unfortunately there will be no set of wheels for me as all my monies are being put aside for my apartment that is being built and into the horsies!

As you will see from the pics I am sharing Kika has also managed to rip her FM & poke a whole in the eye part...whether it will still keep the flies out I am not sure, but until it resembles L Williams Ramone's destruction attempt Kika shall continue to wear it...yes I am an evil Mammy!

It's so rare to catch Nancy making faces

So I am delighted I caught these candid moments!
Speaking of pictures, I must blame Laura @ the Roany Pony, for my getting over my technophobia and joining instagram yesterday.

 It has become an overnight addiction fueled by my pre-existing photo loving condition! It's dangerous guys! Prepare for a photo overload if you decide to follow me - if you think I overload the blog, bear in mind that i only select my fav photos every time for sharing on the blog - the mountains of photos on my phone & laptop will attest to my addiction.

Consider this your warning! :p

Lastly, for this post I have to parting shots from last night which I am only sorry I wasn't closer. A Bambi/Deer visited the neighbouring field last night and I tried to snap a pic + the horses' reaction to it - but I was a bit too far away for my camera phone!

Click to enlarge, although still fuzzy

 I am trying to play catch up on all the blogs I follow, so please bear with me if I haven't commented for a while! 

I will get caught up soon I hope, although we have another short week in work (today is my Friday - woop wopp!) and as that is where i cheekily do most of my blog reading I may fall behind again!


  1. Congrats on getting your license!

    1. Thanks Hill, about time really I am big enough and bold enough that I should've done it ages ago. Better late than never I guess!
      Now to start simultaneously saving the pennies to furnish my flat (once it's finished being built so that I can move in) and to hopefully splurge on an Equitrek type 2-horse truck so that I don't have to learn to pull a horsebox & reverse with one of them! I have enough difficulty trying to figure out which way the wheels are to go in a car without adding a horsebox to the mix!
      Perhaps I should seriously start playing the lotto!

  2. I love the sky photo :)
    Congratulations on getting your licence!

    1. Thanks very much CT, so glad I could capture that photo too. I love taking pics of the sky - you never get two pics the same!

  3. I totally understand the playing catch-up: I'm in the same boat! I have the craziest next six months ahead of me... ugh. Congratulations on your license though! And I love photos, so no problems here :)

    1. Best of luck for the 6 months ahead & big thank you, better late than never I guess. Now to get practice in and be more comfortable behind the wheel!

  4. I want to follow you! I'm a hardcore Instagram addict ;)

    1. Shall try to seek you out to follow you, must stalk *ahem* follow Hillary also! Might find you that way, if she accepts me! :p


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