Saturday 1 February 2014

Patience & Polework

Kika was first up for my attentions this morning and was an angel despite a less than ideal arena sharing situation. She hadn't been ridden since Wednesday & I myself hadn't ridden since Sunday - so K had ample excuses to be a twat but thankfully didn't even swish her tail in annoyance at any stage!

There were three other riders in the arena with us, one of which was getting a lesson and for some reason insisted on riding on the inside track yet wasn't really leaving enough space outside her for the rest of us to pass her safely. Add to this that her mare would pin her ears & swish her tail if another horse got too close - which was sadly unavoidable as it was such a squish to pass her on the outside.
The usual riding rules here is left-hand to left-hand but she made this so difficult to maintain, it was almost carnage a couple of times.

I was so impressed with Kika who at one stage had to do an emergency handbreak stop from canter, which if she had been in the wrong mood could have been curtains for me as I sadly had to take quite a hold of the reins which she does not like at all & can (on a bad day) result in rearing. She was so good, I cannot say how impressed with her I was & still am. She gives me the warm fuzzy feelings when I ride her...long-time readers of this blog, did you ever think you'd see the day? I have to admit, there was a dark period in our partnership where I couldn't see light at the end of the tunnel!

I was glad I was on Kika for that spin, as although Nancy is typically the calmer and more level-headed of the two; she reminds me of trying to operate heavy machinery (although I haven't ever actually worked with heavy machinery) and takes longer to slow & stop.

Thankfully the arena was much quieter when it came to Nancy's turn. I again placed some poles in the arena as I really appreciated having them last Sunday. They give both of us the option to concentrate on something else when we work on canter/trot downward transitions which have been a bit of a bogey for us of late.

As always, apologies for poor paint skills
Again I was super happy with Nancy, who hadn't been ridden since Tuesday - I really am blessed with two such wonderful girls. I really must remember to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) - we did have some sticky canter departs on our bad side, but she came back to me well & we managed to keep things soft and simple thanks to the polework distractions to keep us from getting bogged down in a battler of wills/strength.

However I have decided I need to get myself straightened out, my bad side is also the bad sides for both girls...what came first the chicken or the egg? Either way I can get fixed so I shall look into getting myself fixed.
Now I just have to figure out whether an osteo, chiro or physio is the best professional to sort me out.
Any readers have any experience with any of them?
What would you recommend?

I am now looking forward to an afternoon of Rugby viewing as the 6 Nations has kicked off for 2014. I'll go back up to the girls later this evening to bring them in and tuck them in for the night. :)


  1. KISS is always a good strategy!

  2. Can't hurt in any case and here's hoping I can keep it in mind & not be so hard on myself if things don't quite go to plan.


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