Friday 2 January 2015

Pampered Ponies Photodump

I alluded to the fact that I finally cleaned up Nancy's mane with a pampering session which started yesterday & concluded today. Kika also got a once over today, but as i keep her mane shorter & she thankfully doesn't seem to get as much pleasure out of scratching her neck like the Jungle Book's Baloo with the aid of trees in the turn out area...

Thanks Google search for this image - LINK

I'll have to nab a video of Nancy next time - she is a daemon & that is how she removed a chunk of her mane around this time last winter. Here's hoping I don't make the same mistake this year of tuning her out braided without a neck cover!

"Puh-lease as if i would be
 so bear-baric (geddit?!)" -Nancy
The weather seriously conspired against me today, so much so that between black ice underfoot & ice rain falling from the sky; i didn't fancy turning the girls out and running the risk of not being able to get them back in this evening.

Snow sliding from the roof is deafening
I was also unable to ride due to the rain melting the snow and causing it to slide from the arena roofs making an all merciful racket which Miss Kika wouldn't be able to handle under saddle & even Nancy was nervy when I heard the first crash as i stood outside her stable upon my arrival at the barn - therefore I have already broken my New Year's Resolution...surely that is some sort of record on my part for quickest failure to meet blogosphere goals! Not even 24 hours after setting myself the task - I've already failed ;-)
At least I am the best at being the that's something ☺☺☺☺

"Oh Hai - whatcha gonna do wiff dat bristly ting? " - Nancy

Instead the girls spun on the walker while i cleaned their stables and finally hung up the Himalayan Salt blocks i bought them way back in October/November 2013 *blush*
Yes they have been sitting in my locker waiting to be hung up since then *hangs-head-in-shame*
I did check the packaging and there was no sell by date, so fingers crossed i haven't poisoned my precious ponikins. *blubber*

Not much of a difference but right
 is sprayed, brushed & trimmed

Well that's me caught up with today's non-events, so I'm going to stem the verbal vomit & leave you with the photo dump ;-p

N was rocking the dreadlocks
Some magic spray, finger untangling
 & brushing later...
Weeeeeeee braids - can't you
 tell she is ecstatic?
"Ok so maybe it's not so bad,
now I can be like WS & whip my hair back and forth"
Lest we forget Kika also got some pampering
 - can't you just feel the excitement from her?
 How cute is Nancy though ;-)
Her tail also got some TLC
(left = before as again not obvious)
She likes to keep a close eye
 on my handywork
I don't think she was
overly impressed at first...
Just kidding, she said she always looks
awesome & picture perfect
Last but not least -
N having her first taste of vintage Himalayan Salt Lick...
She has never had one before & hopefully won't know the difference
 - let's hope her stomach doesn't either! 
Eeep I'm a bad horse-momma & suffering from the guilts now #LeShame



  1. aww the ladies look great!!! nice and clean and tidy :) and i agree - riding when snow is sliding off the roof is definitely spooky... there's always next time!!

    1. Yep, this is a deff case for better safe than sorry. Plus I got to spend quality time (imo at least) with the girls, which when I am riding i rarely get to do. I tend to rush prep to get in the tack so don't really savoir the grooming process as i have the two to ride and the turnout and the invariably have somewhere else I should be know how life is. Quiet days like today where things are just on a go - slow without pressure are my faves ☺

  2. They are both so cute! Resolutions don't count when it's a safety or weather issue beyond your control. Pretty sure it's an official rule ;)

    1. I like that, to be honest I don't feel too bad about putting my safety first...I do have to go back to work on Monday. Plus a spill now would mean even less saddle time depending on how bad the fall - always better to be safe than sorry ☺

  3. Wow taking a year to hang a salt block has to be some kind of record hehehehehe!!!! I'm sure they will be fine. Salt doesn't exactly go bad or anything lol. I don't think you can be blamed for the not riding though. It's not safe to ride in those conditions so I think you made the right choice. :) Both girls look beautiful. Kika's expression with the tongue cracked me up!!

    1. Yep, look at me breaking records all over the place.
      Breaking NY resolutions on the 2nd of Jan & taking well over a year to hang a pair of salt licks. Making & breaking my own records peeps - i guess one could say that makes me a legend of my own making ;-)

      K has many expressions, usually i am too busy scolding or teasing her to catch them in pix.

  4. Lovely photo dump! I have the "bear necessities" in my head after the first pic haha

    1. Awesome i was hoping that would happen! I loved when Robbie Williams & Olly Murs released it as a single a few years back. I think Olly was my fav X Factor contestant ever his personality & zeal for life is infectious

  5. Im queen of suffering from the guilts. But the girls look smashing!

    1. Thanks girl!
      I hate for anyone else to feel guilty, but am secretly glad I'm not alone ;-)

  6. Nancys like "I whip my hair back and forth! I whip my hair back and forth!" ;) Love spa sessions with the ponies.

  7. Yay I'm glad someone got the reference, I had two potential songs to get stuck in unsuspecting readers heads with this post.
    Am ow singing whip my hair back and forth in my head ;-)

  8. They both look beautiful with their long, flowing locks :D

    1. I am trying to coax Nancy's to grow moar. I want her to have beautiful flowing to stop her rubbing off trees & pulling the same patch of hair out ;-)

    2. I've heard that putting listerine mouth wash at the base of their mane will stop them from rubbing. I haven't tried it because it just doesn't seem like it would do much good for sweet itch, but for general itchiness I've heard it works wonders.

    3. The biggest problem i have is that her rug has a high neck, and it is just under there that she is itchiest. I am trying to find her a stable rug more like Kika's (older version) that has the old front closure & a lower neck - i think Nancy would much prefer it. It is a pity she has much broader shoulders than Kika or I could do a straight swap...

    4. Oh yeah! I forgot about the high neck on her rug... The only solution I know for that besides just replacing it is using a sleezy. I hope you can find a new one! She has such a pretty mane it's sad that she rubs it out.

    5. I think a sleezy would prob make it worse. I'm only speculating here but I reckon the itchies may be coming from not enough air getting to the area. Hopefully if i can find the same rug without the neck and the fasteners i want we'll cancel her need to scratch

    6. I can see the sleezy causing more itching, but the reason it works is that it prevents them from being able to rub out their mane because it doesn't move like a blanket does. So it wouldn't stop the scratching, but it prevents the damage to the mane. It would suck to make her even itchier though....

    7. Yep, both comments came through ☺
      I'll see how things pan out, so far so good though & we haven't had a repeat of her accidentally pulling a chunk of mane out. Namely because know i know she will scratch that spot & not to leave her out braided without a neck cover ;-)

    8. Awesome! I'll keep my fingers crossed she leaves it alone. :D


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