Friday 22 July 2016

Slightly Stupid

Being a bit of a muppet this evening I managed to lock my house & yard keys into my tack locker. Luckily I had my car keys, which for once I brought with me to the stable this evening as we've been having thunder & lightning storms here at night with heavy rainfall. Not wanting to find myself caught out in that I went by car to see the horses/prepare their hay for the field that grass no longer seems to be growing on...
I am also lucky that my parents live just down the hill from the stable & had a spare set of keys to my flat so at least I could get home πŸ˜…πŸ˜Ά

My tack locker however will be remaining closed till PL comes back on Sunday. She very kindly offered to come out of her way tomorrow afternoon to open it up for me but I've told her not to worry about it. The stupidity was mine and I need to learn from my mistake - plus it's a funny story and anyway it is due to rain all day tomorrow with more thunder and lightning so horse riding options were going to be limited at best.

Quite the QT
In other news I had an arena spin on Nancy yesterday evening in what felt like a sauna, so I kept the spin short and sweet. Bless little Nancy, we were walking around warming up slowly gathering ourselves into better carriage when little miss stopped for a wee πŸ˜–
Fairly close to the entrance is where she decided she absolutely had to go...not in the field where she had been all day, not even in the cross ties (where she & Kika have both gone on me before and been fun to clean up #amoniasmells) - but in the arena where she felt a large puddle that I tried to fill in with sand after our spin. Hopefully it didn't reek today - i forgot to go check when I was there locking my keys in my locker...what a weird end to my working week!

Nancy was (as always) a good girl, in spite of the heat and small dressage court marked out dividing up the arena & making things a little awkward. She handled it all in stride and with her usual zen attitude - this girl is such a cool head 😍
She has been suffering a little with sweet itch (i think) again this summer, so hopefully in the coming days I can hammer out a post with all the fun stuff I've been doing & buying to help a girl out

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Trickling Time

How has it already been over a month since my last post?! I do not know where the time keeps sneaking off too - rest assured readers...if there is even any of you left *gasp* That all is well with the girls and myself. We are plugging along doing the same old same old.

PL comes three times a week to ride Nancy, I hop on a couple of times in between...usually for a stroll in the woods to change the scenery from manΓ©ge monotony. Sometimes i do hop up in the arena to check steering/responses if Miss Nancy decides she'd rather squirm and/or plant her feet and remind us she is part stubborn Friesian. However she is mostly still the great girl she has always been and any "issues" are teething problems typically surrounding heat or monthly female discomforts. Nothing seriously head-scratching or comment worthy.

Kika has mostly been coming along on a lead for the strolls in the woods when I ride Nancy. She has had a spin or two on the pessoa & I randomly hauled her in one Sunday morning for a delightful spin in an arena when she hadn't been sat on in prob two weeks again (i really don't know where the time keep running away to). Last weekend I lunged her outdoors in the pessoa then got a mad notion to grab my helmet and hop up bareback, well without the pessoa garb but I kept the saddle pad as she was sweaty after lunging, to cool her out while PL finished up indoors on Nancy. I got a lovely leg yield in each direction at the walk - funny how much easier that was when I didn't have the saddle in my way - i say my way as I get in my own way in the tack and K is adept at ignoring me/pitching a hissy fit if "harassed" (her opinion not mine obvs) . We also got some hilarious kangaroo canter on what I thought was our good rein and some lovely canter on what is typically my bad rein - more interesting however is the sweat marks on her back under the pad showed me just how bloody crooked I was sitting so it really was no wonder she was squiggly in the canter on that one rein. I really need to get myself some lessons to sort it out!

I will try to be better at posting updates, but I worry about them getting too wordy and/or repetitive seeing as we aren't really doing much these days. I haven't had a lesson in ages and rarely have any media to share - so i tend to forget to post updates as we haven't done anything to write home about. #sameoldsameold
Which I am not complaining about as that means no shenanigans πŸ˜†