As the tab would suggest this will be my ever changing (most likely growing) wishlist page of equine wants & "needs". Based on an amalgamation of Wishlist posts from 2014 & 2015, with updates when/if I manage to organise myself to purchase the items on this list.

This list goes from "normal" (read:likely) purchases on to the extreme La-La-dreamland wishes for the if-I-find-a-money-tree wishes.

- Helmet / achieved HERE in July 2014, just realised I never did a full reveiw...but I love my new CO AYR8

- Tall boots / maybe achieved HERE January 2015

- Stirrup Irons / achieved HERE March 2015
- Shoulders back
- Replacement Bit for Kika / achieved HERE March 2015
- Another winter coat for me / achieved HERE March 2015
- Monogram
- Roeckl Gloves / achieved HERE Feb 2015
- Aztec Diamond Breeches / achieved sooner than I'd anticipated (January 2015) CLICK for detailed post

Yard acquaintances have this fab machine

- All the Horseware rugs (long-term evolving goal obvs) - I did get Nancy a Rambo Duo turnout sometime in Oct/Nov 2014 (HERE) still moar needed! Namley alternate 200grm stable rug for each & newmarket fleeces either quarter sheets or coolers - preferably both ;-)
- Saddle for each girl - really I just need to get Kika's checked, but Nancy does need her own saddle not just Kika's cast-off dressage saddle!
- 2 horse truck that can be driven with a normal car driving license.

Last updated June 2016

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