Tuesday 3 January 2017

New Year Resolutions

This will hopefully be a word starved / photo dump post from me as I lay out the few resolutions I have made thus far for 2017.

Poneh ♡

Trying to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) to allow myself a hopefully higher chance of success.

Kika's Giraffe impression
No. 1 
Leave work between 5.30-6pm
No excuses, almost everything can always wait till tomorrow 😇

No. 2
Ride my horses!!!
This should be straight forward, yet as is obvious from the lack of blog content last year - I failed pretty miserably at this immeasurably enjoyable task. To my own detriment no less!
Towards the latter half of 2016 I was lucky if I chambered aboard Kika once every 2 weeks as for Nancy hardly ever 😓
Thankfully she has her part-leasee that comes three times a week without fail. So it's really only me that is failing Kika & I really do miss riding more regularly. Hopefully sticking to resolution No. 1 will have a positive affect on resolution No. 2 *fingers-crossed*

No. 3
Read more
This is a personal goal which Goodreads thankfully reminded me of. For the last number of years I've wanted to set myself a # of books "to-read" goal. I've kept it low to start with at 25 books - I will scale up if I manage to set aside more reading time in the coming 12months than I have in the last few years. 

Nancy is a Sneaky McSneakerson

No. 4
Blog more
I really miss interacting with you guys! Hopefully the last two goals will help give me more content to share as I hopefully (a) ride more and (b) actually review the equine themed books I've read over the last few years and kept meaning to review 🤓

Kika playing coy & Nancy all up in Ya grill