Equestrian Bucket List

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 Every rider has a Bucket List of equestrian activities they'd like to achieve some day if possible.
Mine include but are not in anyway limited to the following:

 General goals
  1. Try side-saddle, you have got to check out Equestrian Reality's hilarious blog to find out where my enthusiasm has come from.
  2. Try Western  
  3. Try Polo - I really want to go back to Argentina for a week of this!
  4. Learn to Drive Nancy 
  5. Learn Horseback Archery - the equine osteo i use for the horses does it!
  6. Ride on the beach - Done August 2013!
  • Ride my own horse(s) on a beach - Links to posts about our 2 week adventure on the Dutch coast.
  • One, Two, Three - I am once again reminded that I STILL haven't gotten the few beach photos off my friend *Le-Shame*

    Visits I'd love to achieve
    1. Go to Aachen, Hickstead, Olympia, Mechelen, Badminton and/or Burghley and any of the big Parisienne indoor SJ Paloozas (ie: Saut Hermes, Gucci Masters etc) ... heck any and all other horse events within traveling distance would be epic!
    2. Hit up as many neighbouring Global Champion Tour legs as possible - First - LGCT Antwerp - April 2014
    3. Go to Kentucky in general & particular the KHP, maybe for a Rolex weekend if I can swing it
    4. Spruce Meadows - Calgary
    5. Go on a trekking and/or safari on horseback holiday 
    6. Adding Horse takeover of NYC's Central Park, I am hoping this becomes and annual event - so that i might get there some day .

      Personal riding goals
      1. Return to working on lateral work with Kika namely leg yielding & shoulder in, L works on it with her but I haven't done any in ages as I never felt comfortable doing it on my own so don't want to give mixed messages.
      2. Do more work on flying changes and learn to ask for them without the help of a pole over which to ask for the change (only time I've done it - thankfully she changes herself when jumping and/or the jumps we are doing low enough for the moment that if she is wrong we can still get over them)
      3. Learn to turn on the haunches & forehand
      4. Keep working on the basics with Nancy and develop our bond.

      As with any equestrian, this list is subject to change as goals are ticked off and new ones born!

      PS: All photos have been pinched c/o google images & I claim no copyright!
      Last updated December 2014


      1. This is such a good idea! I also have a list but not as specific as yours. Mine is just on my phone. I have crossed off going to the beach with my horse yay. But since my accident i had to pause on everything else.

        Hope you achieve them all soon! xx

        1. Sorry to hear about your accident, hopefully you can find new ways of achieving your goals and/or think up different ones.
          Thank you for commenting & reminding me of this page...must get back to trying to tick some of these items off my list & dreaming up some more ☺

      2. Do you still want to learn horse archery and polo? As i have the same goals in my Equibingo. We could probably team-up to achieve them :-)

        1. Oops so late replying to this earlier! No idea how I missed it!
          This would be awesome 👍😅


      I love to hear from readers, thank you for your comment :-)