Saturday 3 September 2016

Facial Features

Mine...not the horses. Kika's noggin made contact with my schnauzer last night as I was going to give her a kiss when she got a fright and caught me with an almighty wallop in the snout. Having never broken my nose I worried for a few moments that I perhaps now had & wondered how I might know for sure without having to go to A&E.

"I meant no harm!
Your face just got in the way of my fear"
- Kika
As darkness was falling & I was on foot, I decided to go about my business and give them their hay for the night before making my way home and seeing how I felt in the morning. If i had trouble sleeping and/or panda eyes when I awoke I would make my way to a medical establishment. Thankfully despite some swelling I do not think it is broken, perhaps a little sensitive and I'm very glad to have contact lenses and not have to rely upon my glasses for sight as they are a little uncomfortable when I put them on.

All photos taken today
I have to admit that I had never realised how much ones nose moves at every twitch/eyebrow movement/smile & I have to admit I fear the need to sneeze!
Thankfully I was not prohibited from a delightful hack in the woods on Kika while PL rode Nancy. We even discovered a new trail that I had never taken before which also branched off with other new trails which I hope to venture onto soon 😊

Lest we forget her adorkable
 face without mask

All going well with the beak tomorrow I hope to play with Kika's transitions in the arena while PL has a lesson with Nancy. Having been inspired last week by a Horse Listening canter article I read about using transitions to improve the horse's gaits. Neither the horses nor my fitness would be up to the 10 transitions suggested, so I shall aim for 5 between halt-walk/walk-halt, walk-trot/trot-walk & trot-canter/canter-trot. We didn't quite manage 5 in each direction last weekend as it was super hot, but those we did manage were a mixed bag of nice & fussy. In saying this however, i did notice that my concentrating on setting us up better for the transitions meant little to no flailing in our canter work. Here's hoping I can improve upon them tomorrow - funny how paying more attention facilitates such things 😆