Tuesday 30 November 2010

Good News...I think

Just back at work from the barn, I'll have to stay late to make up the time i've missed.
X-rays are clear for kissing spine and vet says there is nothing obstructing her spine in any case. *dance*

Good news in one way, downside is that it means Kika was being very bold/naughty for absolutely no reason in my absence! She's heading for some tough love when i get back in the saddle! Thats for sure! *nod*
Not sure what I'm going to do with her, i do not want her to be a one rider horse, what would happen if i ever had to sell her for whatever reason. She'd be impossible to move if no one else can ride her! Which in itself is ridiculous as i am not that great of a jockey!

I once leased a 12year old horse that had been so spoiled, that he knocked my confidence something awful. I DO NOT want the same thing to happen my horse! :( Going to have to hope that i might be able to find people at the barn willing to help me get her used to other riders as well as myself!
Just going to have to roll up my sleeves and see if people will help me by riding her with me so that she gets used to different styles etc etc.

Reckon I'll have to find some way to step up her work load aswell, as she may just have too much energy for her own good and be looking for ways to amuse herself when being ridden. Downside to more work would be fitter horse ... vicious cycle. But will find a way to work with it!

I'll probably give her the rest of the week off as am heading to Ireland at the weekend so won't get a good run at her before i go and no point in half doing it. As she needs to learn a lesson i need to have the time to teach her.
I've monday coming off work, so may roll up the sleeves then and attack her when the barn will be quite during the day!
Will update then, hopefully we won't part ways and i will be in a fit state to update. She will be getting a good lungeing session before i hop up, just incase she'd get any notions!

I am not one bit sorry I got her back x-rayed (although admittedly I am yet to receive the bill), but to have the peace of mind that she is not suffering the equine version of a slipped disc or the like, is worth the expense in my opnion.
Better safe than sorry - I think!

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