Wednesday 17 November 2010

Purplification of Ponio and new problems :(

I have shown these pictures to some of you before, but not everyone who may or may not read this will have seen them, so just so we are all on the same page!

Not as matchy matchy as as could be but something to aim for at least, ;)
And hey, it's a start, :p

A birthday gift from a very good friend!

Cranky puss not wanting to pose....

But she changed her tune when she realised she was the focus of the photo shoot, teehee!

PS: Sorry if these distort things, I have resized them to the photobucket large option (640x480pixels), hope that is correct, :/

Now for our issues:
We were doing well (for us - I think), I left her in bootcamp with my instructors while I was in NYC last week, to return and be told that she has big issues with her back and was completely resisting work in so far as she was rearing and/or bucking to avoid it. Saddle fitter was also out to do follow up on new saddle which he said fits fine (cynic in me goes - well why wouldn't he say that after selling me the saddle) and agreed that underlying back issues there are not pertaining to the new saddle. I've been trying to get in contact with the osteo to get her checked out, but had no luck getting through yesterday and haven't had a chance to ring yet today, will try now on my lunch break.
I'm also on the list for a dentist visit for her at the end of this month/start of next month, I've been wanting to get her checked for over a month now but last dentist cancelled so hopefully this one will be able to make it! I think her teeth could one of the main issues and causing her problems, sore mouth resulting in her tensing her back and knock on effect etc etc... But maybe I'm way off base!
Will keep anyone reading posted...

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