Saturday 25 December 2010

Christmas Eve Spin and Snow Pictures!

No real update as such to post, just a quick video taken by my sister yesterday of K and I doing a spot of sitting trot. She had 30mins lungeing before i sat up after 2 weeks off work!

Please ignore the sound, I have no idea how to get rid of the knocking or my sister's encouraging words, *blushing*

So that was yesterday, now today for Christmas - well it wasn't Christmas for us so much as my middle sister could not get out of Ireland yesterday so we are waiting for her to get back to celebrate (open presents and eat turkey) - so today was a lovely relaxing day as Christmas goes, :)

Kika, on the otherhand, got to celebrate. Not only did she get to play in a paddock for the first time since October (pictures to follow - promise) she got yummy Christmas treats curtesy of my mother. Yesterday my mam insisted on going to the tack shop to pick up some treats for Kika so that she'd get a present today - she didn't want her to be the only horse at the barn not to receive presents and feel left out *sniggers*
So Kika got a slap up meal of: banana treats, red berry treats, carrots and apples on top of kicking up her heels in the snow!

(Pictures from my phone  so sorry if quality not great!)

Bit of a roll first!

The snowy face of her!

Then time to kick up her heels a bit!

She's gotta stretch her legs somehow right? *sniggers*

Thanks for looking and reading since I started this joyful endeavour!


Hopefully you'll stick with us for the rest of this year and then perhaps tune in again in 2011! :D

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