Tuesday 18 October 2011

Final Oct Update for 2011

Well this will be my final October 2011 update as I'm off on holidays tomorrow until the 2nd of November, haven't had too many this month - Phew! I hear you sigh...
I didn't get much riding done last week as was evidenced from the previous blog update; however the weekend brought about a change in Kika's ridden fortune.
I rode her on friday evening, and felt she did really well for here mini-bootcamp weekend with L while i was in Ireland. I could feel a real difference in the way she moved and responded to my requests and she was calm and behaved impeccably. I was well happy with her!

Saturday, I asked L if she would ride her and show me what I am meant to be doing, as I didn't want to ride her two days in a row "unsupervised" and undo all the good work L had put in the previous weekend. She explained that I've to do less with my hands and more with my legs to encourage Kika to work more from behind. She also showed me what she meant by keeping the outside rein and re-inforced that i shouldn't rush changes to try and keep everything (all transitions whether speed or rein changes) as smooth as possible & that Kika is to be treated/ridden almost like a recently backed horse with over exagerated requests if she ignores the subtle ones. Not that she is slow, she said she is very responsive to leg aids and others, but that she needs consistency to help her understand and learn the responses being sought. L is taking over all schooling from Wednesday 19th of Oct (tomorrow and my birthday) until November 2nd when I'll return from my vacation. Kika's bootcamp commences - I'll have to be sure to get a few supervised sessions when i get back to get myself up to speed!

Some pictures and a video, so you loyal readers can see what Kika looks like when ridden properly!

LINK - incase you want to see images larger


LINK - my fav of the photos *swoon*

Also a quick video I took, I thought I'd taken a second one later in the session, but i mustn't have saved it properly as it is no longer on my phone! :(

Sunday; L, her mare O, her two dogs, Kika and myself went for a leisurely stroll and a teensy tiny bit of trotting in the woods for an hour. I think we managed to get the final good day of the year - weather was glorious! All went really well, we met loads of people out walking "en famille" and with dogs etc etc for a sunday stroll enjoying the lovely weather as were we - thankfully we had no problems, all went really smoothly including a chance happening upon a group of 4 teenagers all dressed up like Elves or something - 2 had their faces all painted black, one had some sort of a plastic sword strapped to their hip and the other had elf ears. At first i thought they were trick or treating, but as Halloween isn't for another 3 weeks I think they were possibly role playing or something...I have no idea - was deffo an experience and I'm glad there was two of us or no one would believe me if i told them!
All going well L said she hopes to continue to give Kika her change of scenery with weekend hacks while I'm away. Her dad has agreed to go with her on her mare while L takes Kika, can't remember if i mentioned that they tried this arrangement the weekend i was in Ireland and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

So that's it from me for a while, hopefully all goes well in my absence. Unfortunately i didn't remember to take the promised fuzzy-butt photos to show how hairy she is and when I get back L has offered to clip her while I'm away, as she really does get very sweaty in work now which is unpleasant for her. Will snap some shots when i get back of her clip - all going well and fill you in on what she was up to with L while I was away.

Cross your fingers with me that all goes well!

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