Wednesday 14 December 2011

Monday Night Lights

We'll start this update off with the "reward" a video of Kika enjoying herself letting off some steam in an arena with her buddy O.

The last few times i rode her I felt she was getting herself a little hett up, hot under the collar and fizzy when asked to trot. So saturday i changed our schooling a little and placed poles around the whole of the arena - 12, 3, 6, 9 o'clock and then two vertically down the center line so that we could work on them on circles as well. This had the desired affect and concentrated her mind on other things and kept her from fizzing - my other thought was that the schooling on the flat i'd been doing had become slightly predictable so had to mix it up a bit!
When i mentioned this fizzyness to friends, they suggested i let her loose to let off some steam as she is no longer getting turn out. I have been doing this anyway, and she gets let loose after riding/lungeing to roll while i do her stable - but above i did manage to catch some of her antics on film on my camera phone - sorry for poor lighting!

Here is another video of herself and O partaking in some synchronised rolling, teehee!

And finally some pics to round out the post!

LINK (If want to see larger photo)
And last but not least, I managed to purchase myself two cheek pieces in the same colour as the bridle i bought (which was missing a cheek piece) to go with my saddle. Haven't used the whole ensemble yet! But hoping to do so this evening so expect more photos - yippee!

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  1. She looks good clipped. I agree with making flatwork more interesting. George said at the clinic that you should work on different things different days to keep a change up.


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