Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wandering Wagon!

Perfect Title for Miss Kika who decided she was (again!) not content with the turn out organised for her!
L walked her dogs passed the field at 5.40 and all was well, she went back to bring the little darlings in at 6.15ish; do you think they were still in the field? She saw shapes in the distance and thought: 'odd that people be walking there' - and she was right. It would have been odd to have people walking in the middle of a field - and low and behold there were the two madams happy as larry with their meandering!

Was the fence electrified one might ask - the answer is yes, the top half of it is at the entrance and the second strand is to the corner where they had been getting out before we put current on the what does Miss Kika do? I am assuming it was her as L's horse O has a healthy respect for white tape and electricity, something my dear girl lacks to my detriment! She somehow manages to bust the lower wire (without the current) and shimmy under it while leaving the electrified strand untouched!
I swear it isn't a horse I have at all but Houdini!

All's well that ends well though and when they saw L coming to get them they came to her meek as lambs to go back in for the night - of course hard feed, hay and heat is always waiting for them in the stables, incentive anyone? 
As Mr Saddle Fitter was coming yesterday to find out what I want changed with my saddle I asked L (aka: The Guru) would she mind riding Kika for her allocated exercise time to see what she thought of her movement in a Dressage Saddle as depending on how my time goes without my saddle (borrowing another friends dressage saddle as fits better than my GP one - all explained in previous posts ) I can see myself being swayed into investing in a second hand dressage saddle - as the small spin I had in it on Sunday had me in such a good position that I think I could really benefit from expanding my riding repertoire!

Long story as usual not so short, I lunged Kika for about 10mins then L hopped up in the smallest of the arenas available to us and not really a riding arena, more lungeing but not a round lungeing pen...I'm not really making sense, sorry, I should prob just take a photo some evening! She rode for about 15mins walk and trot with lots of rein changes and smaller circles (as i said arena is smaller than average so tighter squeeze). Kika was a bit Giraffe-y as she tried to evade working and of course decided that a door was terrifying and would eat her but other than that behaved very well, no rearing or untoward messing occured.
L was happy with her movement in the Dressage saddle and said that she felt a lot free-er flowing and was moving better...all good signs.
We didn't do too much as we are still getting her used to the saddle and the saddle fitter was due to examine her own saddle on her, so cooled her down and got stuff ready for Mr Saddle Fitter. L stayed with me as she was there when Mrs B worked on K and was able to better explain (aka in Luxembourgish) why we wanted the changes made to the saddle and where we wanted changed. I also asked that if possible the saddle be made slightly larger than necessary so that we can compensate with padding and so should Kika fill out a little more the saddle shouldn't need to be altered again. Mrs B had also advised this.
L also wanted to talk to him (Mr Saddle Fitter) as she herself is now in the market for a second hand dressage saddle although she is finding finding on a little difficult as she wants a brown one - while not unheard of they are slightly scarce on teh ground. But He's going to keep an eye out for her and see what he can find. So happy days - I didn't mention my potential need for a second hand dressage saddle as this will very much depend on how we get on for the next fortnight with N's borrowed saddle while mine is being altered.
However N's saddler is coming to check the fit of her saddle (the one I've been borrowing) on her mare A this afternoon/evening and should it require altering I may not be able to borrow it anymore as it may no longer fit Kika if it is altered - and we all know how fussy Kika can be about her back so will play this one by ear! At the same time L let slip to me last night that N may be in the market for another saddle if her current one will require too much work...if this is the case, i intend to have a word and say that I'd be very interested in her saddle if this were to transpire 
So i guess we can only watch this space! *shrug*

L and i fixed up the fencing by car headlight last night and put out the hay, restocked the ball with carrot pieces and muesli to hopefully keep Miss Kika's stomach engaged and her mind off wandering!
I'll be going to let them out on my lunch will keep my phone handy should the YM/YO need to ring to tell me the beasts are after going walkies again!
Fingers crossed this is not the case! As if it happens I'll be so annoyed with her, cos it's either stable or there...there is nothing else i can do to try and allow her turn out - it oftens seems no matter what I do it isn't enough for her ladyship!
So now they have a 15KG Original Horselyx to share, hay and the hexagonal ball type thing filled with carrots and feed to knock about the place to keep themselves entertained and out of mischief.
Maybe it being a day that only comes around once every 4 years - I might be forgiven for expecting a miraculous change!

Happy Leap Year Day!
(Is this even a thing?  ... It is now!)

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  1. Thanks for your post of confidence in me, I worry about Carlos, and I always second guess whether I'm doing whats right for him.



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