Saturday 4 August 2012

Quick Video & photo update

Throwing up a quick update here as a friend came with me to the yard today while I rode and managed to snap a few pics and some videos of myself and Kika. So thought I'd share them very quickly as heading out to the cinema soon to see Ted!
I've stepped up the amount of time I spend on our canter now as since I started riding with my mp3 player I must be more relaxed as we're not struggling as much as we had been of late. We are still a long way off perfection, if we'll ever even get close is debatable - but all the fun is in learning and trying new things together!

Hoping to schedule a time with L for a lesson tomorrow and some pole work - hoping to work in the outdoor if it's dry & not to hot, summer has finally arrived in Luxembourg and it's come with a vengeance. Over 25C today - happy days!

Posting these in the order they were taken in, so that anyone reading might have an idea of any progression that may or may not be there!

First up a pic of our Giraffe impression in walk - she was very antsy when we started - she had a real bee in her bonnet about something. I honestly didn't think I'd get a single share-able photo or video from today as she was very twitchy when I was tacking up.

Beginning to come around and thinking about relaxing
I know my hands are awful in this pic, it;s something I'm hoping to work on in the lesson tomorrow & of course my sneaky heels are still troubling me by creeping up and can't be seen in the photos but my legs are always moving so L is also going to tackle that in our lesson tomorrow by strapping me into a pair of spurs to make me more conscious of my leg as well as reminding Kika that she actually has to listen to my leg aids. There really is a pair of us in it and I can't say I blame my horse for ignoring me sometimes as watching teh videos from today i really am always at her sides! *blushing*

First video is of some trotting

Quick photo

Next we have another trotting video

And another video - some cantering on our worse of the two reins

And two more photos

And a final video - cantering on our slightly better of the two reins, although you might hear me telling Kika off for leaning on my hands. But bless her she was very good considering I was convinced I was in for a throwing-toys-out-of-the-pram-wobbly-tantrum-throwing-spin when I was tacking up

 She worked well for me in the heat - indoor arenas in the summer can be like ovens - although save pale Irish girls like myself from sunburn!

Had a jumping lesson on wednesday just gone, riding in the outdoor for the first time since last Autumn some time. Decided it'd be better if the pair of us were kept busy by someone talking to us (aka teaching) and jumps always get Kika and myself in good humour! :D
We have a lot to work on, especially as we'd a bounce of pole on the ground 2 small cross poles, pole on the ground followed by another cross pole which Kika steadfast refused to make an effort to jump till she got some extra encouragement in the from of a slap on the shoulder from my crop. We then also did two more larger cross poles on looping changes of rein. The venture was made slightly more challenging by outdoor being right beside one of the yard parking areas so lots of coming & going and car doors opening, closing + lights flashing etc etc. Plus the people who had been having lessons with the SJ instructor (L also helps me and another friend with jumping tips over the course set up for the lessons - suits lesson users as then we clean up after everyone as we're the last to use the fences, hahaha!) we sitting on tables & chairs by arena having their Bubbly Wednesday where they have a mid-week party every week. Normally they have it in the cafeteria area at the yard - but with the nice weather they've moved their celebrations outside - so to say i was apprehensive of Kika's reaction to being ridden outside for the first time in ages, jumping for the first time in ages - the fact we had to do it all in front of an audience was not my favourite thing!
Thankfully no major mess ups - although again it was far from perfect. I've to remember to sit back and wait for the fence to come to me, fold going over the fence - not before and Kika and I will have to have discussions as to who sets the pace going into the fence ;)
As of next week there will be no tanking into the fence at Kika's speed! :p

So that's us kind of caught up in a not so brief update - I know I keep promising brief updates yet never manage to deliver, SORRY!!!!

Better run as bus-ing it to the cinema. Will hopefully have another update tomorrow after our lesson with L. Same friend that took above photos & video has offered to play with my new camera for shots tomorrow - so we'll see what happens if there are any i am willing to share! :p

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