Thursday 13 December 2012

IOU an Introduction

I am going to need your help re-naming my blog guys, as it is no longer going to be just Kika's Kingdom. I have kept the purchase of a second horse quiet for a while for fear of jinxing things, however the big reveal shall soon be upon us and I cannot stay quiet any longer!

Since 2009 I have had my eye on a young filly bred by my aunt, a lovable Friesian X ISH.

Meet Nancy (Tantassig Nancy), she was 4 days old when these photos were taken...

She was a lovely correct filly and sweet as could be, she got a lot of handling as a foal & yearling as she was worked alongside the TB foals as they went through sales preparation. She was a real pocket pony and loved being near humans, she would've crawled into your pocket if she could. Which is quite unlike her mother, who like Kika, can often do without the intervention of humans, so long as K's fed she's happy she doesn't give a monkey's which two-legger is feeding so long as she gets fed.

I kept my eye on her as she grew up and often said I'd love to buy her, but kept myself in check until she turned 3 and was backed.

I still tried to contain myself until after I had a spin on her. Video starts off a bit dark, but gets better. As always apologies for sound effects - have never learned how to remove sound.

I didn't learn until after this quick spin that this was only her 6th or 7th time under saddle and that the majority of her previous work was hacking in the fields - as it should be for such a baby horse. Please ignore my poor riding *shame-face*

I went away to have a think about things and did my sums, fully expecting her to have sold by the time I got back from my Autumn trip to South America. I figured if she was meant to be mine she would still be available when I got back and got myself sorted.
As you have probably all ready guessed from this longwinded post, she was indeed still very much for sale on my return and the deal was struck whereby she would stay in Ireland and be worked for me until a stable became available out here.

That stable will be free as of January 1st and it's now all systems go getting quotes and sorting insurance to enable her to come join the Luxembourg family!

A quick headshot taken on my last visit home at the start of November - when she was officially mine! In fact she wears Kika's old headcollar - I guess it was meant to be after all, ;-)
Unfortunately I didn't get to ride her then as she hadn't done any work since I'd last sat on her in July, but I did tack her up and lunge her in the lunging arena. She is obviously very green and didn't really understand the concept of working on the lunge - more running, but hopefully I can learn from mistakes I made with Kika and get things right first time with Nancy.

When I rode her in the summer I guestimated she was between 15 & 16 hands, my plans to save on expenses after buying her was to recycle Kika's old gear, rugs, saddle etc that no longer fit - but when I was back in November she was after shooting up and filling out some more. I reckon she will tower over Miss Kika, so those plans have gneo out the window. Current plan is to purchase a second hand saddle from my saddle fitter that can be adjustable until she stops growing in a few years time and then getting her kitted out with 'lifetime' tack.
I got word during the week that she has had her first set of shoes put on, the farrier was very impressed with her and in fact said he had rarely shod an easier horse first time. Fingers crossed this all bodes well for our future.
I think the hope is to get her a day or two's hunting in before she leaves Ireland in the new year, hence the shoes as there can be a fair bit of road work when out hunting...who knows where the day might take you. Although I shall be consulting my blacksmith when she gets here to see if like Kika, Nancy might be a candidate for barefoot. It really does work out much easier on the pocket and means no slipping on the tarmac on our way to hacking in the woods.

I'll leave the Nancy news with a few shots that my sister took on her phone, as she lives in Ireland, to share with me before I bought her as she knew I had a soft spot for her.

With her Mammy Mac in the background - She's not standing great in this picture, but will get better ones when she arrives in the New Year.
And last but not least, chilling in the field.


Not to be forgotten although perhaps slightly overshadowed by this post - Sorry Kiks! *hug*
Unfortunately I have no new pics of Miss Kika as my new phone fell out of my pocket while I was doing her stable on Saturday evening and although screen appears physically fine it was all black. So I brought it back to the shop and they have sent it off to be fixed, hopefully the guarantee will cover it ... although they said it doesn't cover oxydisation or shocks. Bad me didn't tell them it fell out of my pocket just that the screen is black - keep your fingers crossed for me!

Decided against a jumping lesson last night as it was so cold, figured it wouldn't be good for Kika's limbs. So I tacked up in my dressage saddle again and made my way to the main arena which was empty. As as I mentioned it was very cold so most people were gone home by the time I was in the saddle 7.50pm!
L was to join me on her horse when she was ready, so I set to work keeping in mind all the advice L had given me the day before.
Namely controlling the trot, not letting her get choppy and short striding and to watch my lower leg to try and stop it slipping forward. Bearing in mind the shopping list of other bad habits I am still trying to come to terms with - heels & hands etc. All in all I feel it went very well, our canter was much improved on the previous day - whereby I actually felt like we were working more together and I could sit better in the saddle. Our trot work was also much improved with less time required to get her to relax her head, neck and release her back to me. Now to hope we can continue making improvements baby step by baby step.

Am just back from the barn after letting O out for L and giving Kika some hay. My office Christmas party is this evening so L has kindly agreed to look after Kika for me, in fact she has volunteered to ride her.
Happy days!
L came back from her break at a friends Riding Center in France last week full of new ideas after riding a about 4 young horses a day with her friend. I hope Kika is ready for some hard work! She always works hard with L anyway, but she'll work extra hard now with all the new ideas...I'd almost feel sorry for K, but she'll be better for it ;-)

I know many will think me mad for taking on another horse while working full time, in fact my mother has firmly set up camp under this umbrella - but after trying to walk away from her numerous times I just couldn't pass up the opportunity when she was still available after my holidays in October.

We only live once and if we don't do the tings we love when we are able to, we'll only live to rue the regrets!


  1. OMG YAY!!!! Congrats A! Welcome to the 2 horse club, you'll never go back! I thought I'd only have Dakota through the rest of my college time after Jitter was sold. Nope, barely made it a year and half.

    What plans do you have for the new girl? With that Friesian in her and from the video looks like she has some amazing movement on her.

    You indeed only live once and if you're going to indulge in a past time you've got the best one figured out - horses :D

    Now I really do need to get my butt to Europe and visit you and your lovely girls!

    1. Thanks Alli!

      Have no real plans for her, going to play it all by ear and let her tell me what she wants to do - within reason of course, ;)
      I WILL be the boss *ahem*

      Really looking forward to her arrival, waiting to hear back from insurance and then I can finalise the transport. Stable out here is hers as of January 1st, but when she'll actually arrive is yet to be determined!

    2. I'm pretty sure waiting for the arrival is most nerve wracking part!

      I remember you telling me about her some time ago, so excited that you got her!

    3. That's some good remembering out of you! :D

      Awaiting replies and prices is pretty well up there in the nerve wracking stakes - trying to gauge how much to set aside from each pay check ... especially as it's Christmas and I've gifts to get! :/

      Watch me say the wait is worst the otherside of Christmas when I have the dates and am waiting anxiously for her to arrive!

  2. Very exciting! She looks cute! Congrats!

  3. She's a gorgeous girl, I do love the Fresian mixes. She looks very smooth, I can't wait to see more of Miss Nancy along with Kika :)

    1. Thanks KK, hopefully all will go well with getting her here. :D
      Shall endeavour to keep the updates coming!

  4. Congrats!!! Nancy is so beautiful! Can't wait to see her progress and more about her :)

    1. Thanks hun, can't wait for her to get here so that I can get stuck in and get settled into a routine. It's going to be some balancing act to begin with!

  5. Congrats!! :) Looking forward to more posts.

    1. Thanks L, you can be sure there will be. Best of luck with your potential second horse search!
      I wasn't looking for Nancy, but as i said i had always had my eye on her - hopefully you find that special one that catches your eye and a bit of your heart. :D


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