Monday 18 February 2013

November Stage

Belated but as promised here are some videos of Kika & L from the first stage they did together way back in the first weekend in November, while I was in Ireland for my sister's graduation. LINK to blog update documenting that time, for anyone who wants a reminder. ;-)

The first few videos (in the blue) are from the first day where Kika was very uncooperative! Downright obnoxious and rude is what she was actually, after these videos the instructor asked for a martingale to be put on her and after initial resistance she was much better.

The next video (yellow) is from Day 2 of the stage where they got on much better, but unfortunately the camera ran out of battery so there is less footage to see!

So sorry for teh delay in getting this post done, I had an awful time trying to get the videos to upload through blogspot & in fact ended up having to do the final two through youtube...should probably have done all of them through youtube - Oh well, live and learn!
Hopefully no one will think too poorly of Miss Kika, she is much better behaved these days - in fact we have not had any such disagreements since then!
I hope to get the videos from the follow up stage that L rode Kika in at the end of January up soon, but as evidenced from the delay it took to get these up. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you! *blushing*


  1. She has gorgeous movement on her!! She is very nice. Im not judging or anything but she looks quite overbent in the videos - maybe thats just me.

    1. One of her tricks to try and evade the contact was to overbend herself slightly - this is an issue we recognised and have been working on - I have more recent videos from another stage with same instructor last month - although am not sure if there is a difference - I haven't compared the vids myself yet...
      Thanks for reminding me actually, I have the vids on my memory stick - if work stays quiet this afternoon I might manage to get them up on the blog! :D


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