Saturday 30 November 2013

Apologies Again

Forewarning: I am writing this post on my phone and suffer from, what I like to call, "fat fingers syndrome" when attempting to type on touchscreens. Hopefully if/when words are slightly misspelled - you'll still be able to decipher what I am blathering on about! ;-)

I really don't know where the time goes, there simply aren't enough hours in the day nor days in the week to fit everything in! This week has been a bit of a bust as far as saddle-time goes; I rode Sunday evening but then my backside didn't meet a saddle again till Friday evening!  *Le Shame*
Monday I had Round2 of the "competition"/testing to become permanent in my job - it was an interview before a panel of three people, one of which I currently work with - which initially was great to have a friendly face but as the questions about my colleagues surfaced answering was a bit awkward :-/ I'm really not sure how it went, my allocated time-slot was just after lunch, so I'd had the whole morning to let the nerves fester & and honestly felt like I wasn't speaking English properly during the interview let alone the questions I had to answer in French, Spanish & German! Anyways long story short, I was exhausted come the end of the working day and didn't make it to the barn to see the girls. *Sad Times*

Tuesday I got to visit at lunchtime to turn all three out (yep the Horsey Houdini's have been returned to turnout - finally!), I got back out to them that evening as well but as I had to stay late at work I was again unable to get any saddle time but spending quality time with them was reward enough :-D

Wednesday I turned them out at lunchtime but didn't make it back in the evening as I went to a friend's leaving dinner :-(
Thursday I managed to turn them out on my lunchbreak, despite being very delayed in stupid traffic. That evening for the first time this week I managed to do more than put on & take off rugs ;-) Both my little darlings got lunged; Kika in the pessoa as I think she has tweaked a little something in her back and can't get the osteo out till the week after next so I am trying to encourage her to release her back without the stress & fight that comes with a rider onboard - she is still an opinionated madam after all ;-)
Nancy was lunged "sans accoutrements" without any gimmicks as she has to first learn to listen to me on the lunge, she loves to trot & canter but the transition downwards from both these gaits can be sticky and slow to happen initially - she was much improved by the end :-)

As mentioned above, I finally got my butt back in the saddle last night for a spin on Kika. She was an angel. I think a combination of the pessoa work and changing back to her GP saddle helped her relax & be more comfortable in herself.
The Guru has asked to ride both girls in a stage/training clinic next weekend (6th-8th Dec) so we'll wait and see how they both get on and what the trainer suggests we work with them on. Exciting times ahead. :-D

Finally, just before I go, can I please direct you all to EquestrianTrend's blog ( she is hosting her first giveaway for a set of Magic Brushes. I have used these before and they do what they say on the tin!  They are brushes with rubber bristles which work fabulously on horses, rugs, saddle pads etc - they are awesome!! Please check out her fab blog, if you haven't already as I do a shameful amount of plugging for it as I love her blog! Her posts have given me the greatest ideas for equine related gifts for friends & better yet has inspired me to try things I'd never heard of before like the wonderful H2Go which allows us to easily get water to the nags when they are on turnout!


  1. I'm sure the interview went better that it felt. Good luck!

  2. Replies
    1. I hope it will be, it'll be Kika's 4th time with this trainer & Nancy's first. Fingers crossed both girls & the Guru come away happy and with more knowledge, then it'll be just up to me to play catch up ;-p

  3. What a week! I'm sure the interview went much better than it felt! Fingers crossed!
    Thank you one more time for the sweet words about my blog, you're the best! :D

    1. No my dear, methinks you're by far the best! More on that next week ;-)

  4. We all get busy so no apologies necessary. I hope the interview went better than you think it did. :) I can't wait to hear about the clinic. That should be fun.

  5. Thanks a1d, hoping to get an updated posted soon. Have loads of videos of both girls from the clinic. I hope they won't bore people too much!


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