Friday 13 December 2013

Kika Dec 2013 clinic videos

This post is going to be video heavy as I played proud mama/horse-owner on Sunday while both my girls were ridden by my friend & guru in a training clinic with an outside instructor.

Before we get on to that I got great news last Monday week - I PASSED THE EXAMS AND WILL BE MADE PERMANENT IN MY JOB!
The relief is something else, the stress I placed on myself as I love my work & the people I work with so to now know that I have a job for life and can be up for promotions is marvelous. Job stability & foreseeable income takes so much pressure off! :-D

I also meant to post last week about how wonderfully generous @equestriantrendblog is - she contacted me through instagram to offer me two free passes to the Salon de Cheval in Paris. Myself & the Guru caught the TGV (fast train) down at 6am & came back that evening and were home by 11pm - gotta love service like that! I have been sharing photos from the event on my instagram account, but will only be too happy the share them here if anyone is interested in seeing them. :-D

On to the promised Kika videos now...hopefully they work! Please no critique on the rider as it is not me, but please feel free to comment on both girls. So much of their characters shine through - they make me giggle.
There are quite a few videos, but none are much longer than 2mins!

Sadly I have to post the first three as links, but should be able to "embed" the others - all shared in chronological order as they were filmed!

Video IV

Video V

Video VI

Video VII

Video VIII

Video IX

Video X

Video XI

Video XII

Video XIII

Nancy videos to follow in a separate post - apologies for the number of videos & I completely understand if not all are watched (or even any) - I keep this blog for myself to have all info in one place so that I can keep track of any progress made by my horses & myself (if & when that happens). I am just lucky that others have found their way to read my blabberings & share their kind comments & critiques with me!

PLEASE remember - NO comments on rider as it is not me

Thank you & I hope you are not seasick from my shaky videoing skillz! Also, as always my apologies for sounds - i still have never managed to play with video editing software to remove background noises!


  1. First, HUGE congrats on your job! I know that must be a really big feeling of relief. Second, I wasn't able to watch all the videos but the ones I did Kika is looking really nice!
    Third, I'd love to see your photos!

    1. Aw thanks so much for the lovely things you said about Kika & the congratulations. It still hasn't really sunk in!
      I probably won't get the pix posted till some day next week as I won't be back in work till wedensday and trying to post with blogger from my phone with photos is just so frustrating!

  2. HUGE congrats on your job, I don't know that feeling but it must be amazing!
    Kika looks so good! I loved the videos!
    Please, share your Salon du Cheval review with us! :D

    1. Thanks hun, I still have the videos of Nancy to share...I'm hoping to post them tonorrow if I can.
      Salon du Cheval post will hopefully follow later in the week

  3. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the job!

  4. *hugs*
    Thankies pet, I feel so blessed right now!

  5. I'm confused - where is Miss K? :p
    This cannot be the same horse A - you've swopped on me haven't you! The mare is unrecognizable from those first videos I saw of her.

    Soft, elastic, listening - all your hard work is paying off!!!!
    I know the guru is riding her here, but Miss K didn't improve like this by herself...well done!

    Now I'm just going to sulk, does everyone have nicer horses than me? Why don't I have talent? *pouts lip and steps on it to boot*

    Lovely work A. :D

    1. Nonesense you have more talent in your little finger than I can ever hope to have!
      Thank tou very much for your very kind comments. I am super proud of Miss Kika, she has come so far and has turned inside out from the cranky crabby horse a few years ago.
      Still plenty to work on but she is such a pleasure & such a joy to work with -makes it all worth while :-D


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