Thursday 6 March 2014

Lopsided Lent

Rather than give something up for Lent, I am going to take something up; or rather make a vow & hold myself accountable by announcing it here. I aim to ride at least one girl an evening for the next 40 days - here's hoping I can buck the recent trend of inactivity we (read:I) seem to have slumped into!

I made this vow today as I walked to the barn in BRIGHTNESS (YAY for longer evenings) the fact that I didn't make it to the barn last night or the night before that ... shall be overlooked ;-)

Mirror Images and not just of each other the cuties,
but I snapped these photos in arena mirror
I did get to the yard this evening & not only that but I managed to get two great spins in on my girls. We are never going to be perfect but plenty positives to take from the fact that they have both been ridden a grand total of 3 times in the last fortnight, yes this evening IS included in that calculation.
#ShameOnMe / #BadPonyMama

Let's pretend these are "happy-to-have-work" ears
and not "what-can-I-spook-at" ears
Now that's enough waffle from me for a change!
I am going to leave you with a photo dump from this evening as I was a little snap happy!

Bit fuzzy (again from mirror) -
but I'm a sentimental softie
who thinks it's cute her checking on me


I am not sure what contortion I am doing with my upper body -
but *HappyDance* my heel is almost down!

Kika is shedding out better ...

... ut Nancy is still by far the BEST @ shedding


  1. Haha you have an arm beard! :)

    1. Teehee I thought that too - maybe I should join the circus to earn some extra spending money ;-) ... but only during shedding season!

  2. Such lovely girls! Good luck riding every night. Man, I don't think I could manage that. Or my horse would murder me for some time off. ;)

    1. Aw thanks for kind comments on girls, they both rode well last night which was lovely considering my saddle time has been seriously lacking of late! *blush*

      I hope to ride at least one a night, time restraints sadly won't allow me ride both every evening. :-(

      They may yet murder me, if the blog goes quiet ... you can raise the alarm ;-)

  3. Ha Chrome's hair was sticking to my arm like that yesterday, but nowhere near as much as you got off of her lol. I love the mirror image head shots. They are both so cute!

    1. Thankfully that was the worst of it, N has lost loads of hair on her own now that the weather has been mild enough to turn them out "naked" - they are still blanketed in a light sheet at night and during the day if temps drop again and/or raining.

      Thanks for your super kind comments!


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